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"E X P O S I N G T H E P O L I T I C S O F T E R R O R"



20TH DECEMBER / 2 - 3 pm



It is rather bewildering to see that despite the fact that both the government and certain sections of the corporate media are trying to supress the public outcry over the deaths of the three valiant ATS officers, the government is refusing to institute an inquiry commission to put all doubts to rest. The point is if it is also obvious as we are given to believe then why is the government runnning scared. That itself is raising doubts and creating more room for suspicion.

We also support the demand made by Shri A. R. Antulay and are thankful to him for having brought this issue to the centre stage of the national debate. The genie is out now. The only answer is that a probe be ordered. The remarks by A. R. Antulay have stirred the latent doubts amongst all communities and the popular perception far differs from what the media would have us believe.

As part of the "People's Investigation" which we will thus have to undertake, some of questions are as follows:
1) The police version still states that Shri Karkare died of Ak-47 bullets. Our investigation shows that he was killed by 9mm bullets fired from a revolver that hit him in the neck. We demand that the Post Mortem report relating to all those killed be made public.
2) We demand that the phone records be made public as that will finally prove as to who was / were the individuals who sent the three officers to the Cama Hospital. It will reveal the names of the policemen and politicians involved and reveal their locations as well at the time of the calls.
3) Shri Karkare was known to be a meticulous officer and it is beyond us as to why he went unprepared to engage the terrorists.
4) At the time of the shooting at the Cama Hospital, why were not the policemen at the Azad Maidan Police station, barely 100 metres away, not called into action and the terrorists surrounded in Cama Hospital itself ?
5) Why the various conflicting reports in the media even regarding the time and place of their killings for the first few days? Why did not the police provide a clear picture of the events as they are trying to do so now.

The reason as to why the people do not trust the official police version as well as that of the establishment within the media is that the these sections had mislead and misinformed the people on the terror attacks at Malegaon, Jalna, Parbhani, Beed, Nanded, Kanpur, Ajmer and Mecca Masjid in Hyderabad, Samjhauta Express, to state a few. The investigations by the ATS squad revealed that these terror attacks were being perpetrated by the terror cells of the Abhinav Bharat led by Purohit and Sadhvi Pragnya. The roots of these cells also ran into the Bajrang Dal, ABVP and into the Bhonsla Military school.

Moreover the media had been reporting verbatim the police version without any independent investigation, barring a few journalists and newspapers.

This irresponsible and uncritical reporting has caused untold damage to the fabric of the nation and has contributed to demonising a section of our society. Therefore it is very difficult to trust the government, the police and the media and all of them need to introspect if they will have to win back the faith of the masses. Thus a number of Muslim youth were wrongly arrested, tortured, maimed and labelled for life as terrorists for life the above blasts that were being traced to the Sangh Parivar. Those arrested were let of by the courts and thus the conviction rate is a dismal 1 - 2 % for all the brouhaha around us.

Thus the track record of the above sections that are coalescing together leaves much to be desired.

Who is answerable and accountable for individuals and families that have been destroyed. The judiciary needs to set a policy of checks and balances that will control a marauding police force with a increasing communal outlook that will compensate all those who are victims of false accusations and victimisation.

Also the point is that why are people refusing to believe that the deaths of the ATS officers are above board ??

The conditions prior to the terror attack were ranged against trhe BJP and the Sangh Parivar. This FACT none can challenge or discount. An entire infrastructure of terror was being slowly but surely unearthed much to the chagrin & dismay of the Hindutva Right. Leaders and newspapers of this section were clearly threatening Shri Karkare and this is no secret. Thus one direct impact of the deaths of the ATS officers will be that the investigation will be buried and the Sadhvi Pragnya's and the Purohit's be let of. And the terror network will remain intact to spread more terror.

Thus as the biggest gainer in this entire sordid terror episode is undoubtedly those political and social organizations that stood to be exposed and their nefarious terror gambit be laid bare. THUS THE SUSPICION AMONGST THE MASSES OF THE PEOPLE !!

We also demand that Ratan Tata apologise to the courageous members of the police and the armed forces who he says were inept at countering the terrorists.

The fact is that the terrorists had weapons and ammunition to last them for 60 hours. All of that was not broght in merely in a rubber dingy. Undoubtedly a vast number of weapons had been stocked in both the Taj and the Oberoi prior to the arrival of the terrorists. This factor is crucial to the investigation as this could not have happened without inner complicity. Also even though R. Tata had recieved adequate warnings he refused to comply with the security requirements "so as not to inconvenience the guests" This apathy led to the deaths of hundreds.

Moreover R. Tata has stated that he will be approaching "external agencies" (read MOSSAD) for his internal security. The privatization of security, defence & armaments will undermine our national security. Ratan Tata has tied up with Israeli & US aerospace and arms production companies.

We thus stand by our earlier poistion that certain political forces from within our country organized this terror attack with the help of the American CIA and the Israeli MOSSAD who organzied the mercenary-terroists from Pakistan to attack Mumbai. A genuine terror attack was required if
• India was to further align itself within the US-Israeli orbit and every terror attack has served this agenda. Any doubts on this FACT. Every terror attack isolates and demonisesd Indian Muslims and creates space for Bush and Israel style tactics.
• Finally with the Indian elite being targeted the warmongering reached a feverish pitch which was never the case till the Aam Aadmi faced the brunt.
• The US that is enmeshed in a losing quagmire in Afghanistan needs Indian troops to intervene as its European NATO allies are fast deserting the sinking ship. The USSR lost the war with 3.5laks troops and the US with 1.5 lakh stands little chance. Thus every attempt is being made to pressurise Pakistan to carry on waging the war in Afghanistan and the Mumbai terror attack does serve the US interests in the region.
• Worse India's task is to contain, threaten and wage war if need be against a Nuclear armed Pakistan. The crisis in the region is of the making of the US-Saudi-Israel and Pakistan and we would be best advised to avoid taking the American bait as that will only spread devastaion and war for India & the entire region.

For those who think that this theory is farfetched, they only need to STUDY the operations of the CIA and the MOSSAD within Pakistan.

• As all are aware the CIA has deep roots in Pakistan.
• The ISI chief Lt. General Shuja Ahmad Pasha is an American appointee.
• The Military Chief Ashfaq Parvez Kayani is also a US appointee.
• US blocked the recent attempt by the civilian government to control the ISI and the Military and infact it is the US that wields far more influence within these sections, far more than the civilian government.
• The ISI and the Pakistan Military are no. 3 on the list of US financial aid after Israel and Egypt.
• Time and again the CIA and the MOSSAD have organized these terror gangs to strike at targets in Bosnia, Chechenya, Kosovo, Afghanistan and parts of Central Asia, South America and other regions of the World.In fact Lashkar e Taiyaba played a role in Bosnia via the ISI-CIA nexus.This is all on record and the dissenters are welcome to challenge us publicly.
• The American school for training terrorists is in Fort Benning, Georgetown - "School of the Americas" also called the "Western Hemisphere School for Security Co-operation" ( This is the worlds premier institute for terror training and especially reviled across South America that faced the brunt of the US backed death squads.
Since now the media has rightly raised the spectre of the involvement of Dawood Ibrahim in the terror attack, we need to further deeply investigate the matter. Undoubtedly Dawood works for the ISI in its nefarious activities ranging from narco-terrorism, money laundering, smuggling etc. All of these factors go into creating a terror industry.

The fact that is not being stated is that Dawood has for a long time been a CIA ASSET. According to an imporatnt article by Jeremy Hammond who is the editor of the much respected "Foreign Policy Journal", Dawood has been working for the CIA-ISI combine especially in its drug operation in Afghanistan, Central Asia and Europe. Russian writer Vladimir Radyunin had written about the role of the CIA in the increasing heroin cultivation and production in Afghanistan and the threat that it poses to Russia due to the widespread & increasing availibilty of refined heroin. The site will give all the necessary references to anyone who cares enough to research the matter and that is only to begin with.

Nariman House and the Israeli factor

One issue that continues to befuddle and boggle the mind is why Nariman House. Why was a building in a Colaba gaothan attacked. The common answer is that they were targeting Jews. Agreed !!

But why not attack the Israeli consulate located at Nariman Point barely a kilometre from the Oberoi, instaed of going all the way into the bylanes of Colaba into a building with no strategic value. Surely the Israeli consulate would seem far more probable.

We belive that the Jews who were killed were targeted as they were NOT ZIONISTS.

There are two clues in this direction:

1) During the funeral the family of the slain victims refused that the Israeli flag be draped over the coffin and angrily said that "WE ARE NOT ZIONISTS".

2) Inspite of continued insistence of the Israeli authorities, the Nariman House family refused to upgrade the security of their building and said that they had faith in their God (YAHWEH). Thus the fact of the matter was that unlike most Jewish families who are extremely security conscious, the Holtzbergs refused to undertake even the basics which even any Mumbaikar would look into.

For those who even have an elementary knowledge of the history of the struggle within the Zionists and the anti-Zionists Jews over a period of 125 years, the above theory and facts will make immense sense. (read A. Lilenthal)

Thus it is our stated position that it was the MOSSAD that had given Nariman House as one of the targets to the LeT terrorists.

We also condemn the role and the changing positions of the Pakistani government and the Military. Every effort should be made without any excuses and the LeT and Jaish terror infrastructure must be destroyed without delay and Hafeez Saeed and Azhar Mahmood as well as Dawood be arested and tried and sentenced.

The problem is that we are dealing with governments from both sides of the border that are closely allied to the US-israeli orbit.

Thus our struggle is to create a genuine nationalist anti-imperialist movement within India and across the region.

Specific Intelligence Inputs

It is a blatant lie that the RAW had failed in its task of gathering information and warning the government and the various defense related sections. The RAW had tapped into the satellite phones of the LeT, warned of the boat taking off from Karachi, photograhed the same from its spy plane, given specific co-ordinates to the Navy on November 19, that even intercepted the boat but let it pas due to the fake ID cards that were issued from Probandar (Gujarat). RAW had given the targets as Taj and Marriot, the time, 9 - 11pm and both the Centre & the State were aware of these facts. Thus the question is, inaction or complicity.

Also interestingly the CIA had warned the Indian government of the impending attack. The basic question is why did not the CIA warn the civilian government led by Zardari and Gilani and also pressuried the ISI and its terror gangs from calling of the attack.

Are not these obvious questions that we should raise ??

Draw your own inferences !!

There are other questions that will emerge as part of our "People's Investigation", that we will keep on putting out in the People's domain. hard questions that will not be asked and answers that will remain buried.

That is the task ahead and the truth will prevail.

Satyamev Jayate !!



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