Saturday, October 10, 2009

Will Tel Aviv Take the U.S. to War -- Again?

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Jeff Gates is one of the most incisive writers of our times. His expose' of the Israeli Lobby & it's criminal Global agenda have influenced millions across the world. I am currently attempting to get his book "Guilt by Association" published in India. The strategic aims of the Israel's are far removed from our normal Left discourse & thus the need to understand Zionism as an ideology & the centrality of Israel in the current global crisis.]
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See below for latest op-ed. Also posted on the Criminal State website:
Will Tel Aviv Take the U.S. to War -- Again?
Here is a recent op-ed on a similar theme:
Will Israel Ensure that History Repeats Itself?

This op-ed appeared Sunday in Khaleej Times (Dubai): "Israel Gets its Way."

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