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our inspiration, Mahatma Phule



in the cause of Negro slavery;
and with an earnest desire,
that my countrymen may take their noble
examples as their guide in the emancipation
of their Sudra Brethren from
the trammels of Brahmin thraldom.

Mahatma Phule

By Mahatma Phule

A Paean (song Of Praise ) for Eternal Truth
(a Helleluiah for Eternal Truth)

Victory, eternal Victory, to our Eternal Truth ! Let us search for our Creator with the help of your strength (power). when the Aryan Brahmins were victorious they condemned and humiliated the Kshatriyas (the heroic original inhabitants of Inida). They further reduced them to the plight of non-entities by forbidding them any access to education (learning). The Aryan Brahmins treated the Kshatriyas as worse than beasts and compelled them to worshhip their feet, while claiming to be earth-gods themselves. Putting on the airs of tyrants and despots, they robbed the igonorant masses. They were never bothered (frightened ) by the prickings of their conscience. the Brahmins enjoyed sumptuos fests, and in this they surpassed (excelled) Brahma the Demon (Brahma-Rakshas). they (gladly) accpet alms in the name of deceased persons (from their relation), and the shameless rascals that they are, enjoy those alms to their heart's content. It never occured to them to allow the toiling Shudra or the blind and the halt or the orphan to enjoy good food. the (powerful) Vedic lore hollowness (untruthful nature) is thoroughly exposed on a close scrutiny. When the (spurious) Scriptures hear (realise) the grandeur and nobility of the Eternal Truth, they are completely mortified as if their faces are plastered with black oily pigments.The heretics are completelyworsted when they see your visage, O truth , and hang down their heads in great shame. when you treat the ignorant shudras with due compassion and kindness, O Truth ! the (so-called) earth-gods (the Brahmins) tremble with trepidation. O Truth! you are verily an ocean of compassion (for us the Shudras) and you have emancipated us from the trammels of Brahmin thraldom . Through your blessed grace, we have understood (relised) the (right) path in life, and have begun to serve (diligently) our parents (or the ignorant Shudras)?

Victory, eternal Victory, to our Eternal Truth !
(2) Halleluiah for Eternal Truth -
Let us serve the King of Truth whi is an embodiment of pure radiance and great integrity (rectitude). (Saints and seers) search for it in the state of Eternal Bliss (Nirvana). It attracts our minds to the first Cause (Creation). This (Truth) has disapperared in the world. Nobody knows which is the Summum bonum(of life).The Aryan Brahmins have invented many (fictitious, spurious) religions, the better to serve their own interests. While searching for the Truth, I came to realise the final (essential) Secret. I am fed up with the spurious religion, and hence have abjured mean(false) practices.I exhort all Shudras to remember GOD (gratefully), to embrace the doctrine of Truth, to abjure the spurious religious practices and to treat all human beings with fraternal love. do not spurn the poor and helpless persons by assuming overweening pride, and do not assume airs by being taboo-ridden. Overcome all evil, and serve (follow). King Bali (serve the tiller of the soil who is the authentic King). Maintain the members of your family by dint of (your) hard labour. Always speak the Truth.Abjure the wicked religious dogma, and put the earth-gods (the Brahmins) to shame by educating the Shudras and (Ati-Shudras). dedicate the service of the down-trodden to god. Vanquishing all spurious (heretic) religions, Joti bows hown before God.

The Poems (Akhands) given at the end of the book-
"The Universal Religion of Truth"

An earnest request (prayer) by the author of this book to all men and women.

The Creator has created this earth (the Universe) which sustains (bears the weight of) us all. It is adorned with different kinds of grass(bushes) and trees. the trees bear many luscious fruits. These fruits and the kindly shade of the trees bear many luscious fruits. These fruits and the kindly shade of the trees are meant for our comfort. Night and day the earth moves ceaselessly (on its axis) for our comforts, and (fondly) looks after us all. there should not be different religions for different human beings, as our Creator is one, says Joti.

The rains and rivers are created (provided) by our Creator for the convenience and comforts of animate and inanimate life ( on this earh). The rivers flow rapidly and majestically and supply all beings with plentiful water. the human beings are able to sail in ships on the oceans for trade and commerce and are able to make themselves happy. how is it that there are different religions for different people ? Why have you gone mad (lost your reason) ? asks Joti .

The one and only sum provides light(illumination) for us all and enables us to engage ourselves in different activites. The Sun endows all animate and inanimate existence with (vibrant ) life and also sustains us all. He never discriminate among human beings, abd like a kind father, makes us all quite happy and contented. There should be only one religion for all human beings and they should always follow the path of Truth, says Joti.

The one and only Moon traverses the sky ceaselessly, night and day, and delights the hearts of all. The ebb and flow of the ocean (its low and high tides) are caused by her. She also governs the waves and the breakers of the saline ocean. The rain clouds convert the same saline water into sweet(potable) water which satisfies and delights all beings (by quenching their thirst).How is that there are different religions for different people ? Why have you gone mad (lost your reason)? asks joti

(The Creator) has created the wind specially and hence all beings can breathe (inhale and exhale) freely. It nourishes and protects all beings as also Nature (plants and trees) in the world. It is the wind which keeps the atmosphere pure and makes all human beings follow the Universal Religion of Truth and sing the praises of God , says Joti.

The Creator has endowed all beings with eyes (eye-sight) with which they are able to see one another. He has also equipped them with the rational faculty with which they can search for the (real) Truth, and lead the ignorant to the (right) path. The Creator has ordained One Universal Religion of Truth(( for us all). What is the propriety of the people quarelling (among themselves) on various counts ? Let all human beings conduct, themselves in awe and fear of the Creator, and thus lead happy lives, says Joti.

Let all men and women labour honestly, maintain all the members of their own families honourably and thus live in joy and contenment. you should send all your children (sons and daughters ) to school, and feed (helpless) students gratis. you should practise the dictates of the Sovereign Truth in your daily lives, and treat the handicapped persons with consideration and compassion. By such conduct you will not only make other happy and contented, but you will yourselves also be happy and contented, says joti.

He who is addicted to vices does not deserve to receive any alms (from others) . A liar is (as bad as ) but a drunkard, as he cannot control irrational (illogical) behaviour. all human beings are(dear to one another) as brothers and sisters, and you are greatest among them all. You should use, your intellectual capabilities to make one another (quite) happy and should take care of the helpless, says Joti.

The Creator of us all is the supreme Master os us all, and all human beings should hold Him in awe. All of us should enjoy (share ) the property (good things in life) in an equitable manner, should live in peace and amity, and should never resort to quarrels. Human beings should not observe any distinctions or discriminations on the score of religion or administration (nationality) and should always behave truthfully, as desired by the Creator (as per the dictates of the Creator). I beg of you all to be happy and properous. This is my exhortation to all human beings, says Joti.

The operation (movement) of the Solar system (in space) is so wonderful that it defies human rationality or imagination (it is beyond them). so many other satellites gravitate around the Solar System. (the earth is) peopled by myriads of living organisations(beings). The Creator has created all human being, and He protects them as his Children.Do unto others as you would be done by' and set everyone at peace and harmony, says Joti.

The desires of the hypocritical Brahmins and the cunning exertions of the Bhat (priests) are actuated (by an intention to fleece the Shudras). They (unashamedly) say that God provides (the wherewithal) to them, and hence they presume to instruct the Shudras. They caricature God as a happy-go-lucky person, and deceive the Shudras in his name. Sloth (idleness) is man's enemy and hence men should perform manual labour (for their livelihood). The cunning Brahmin, on the other hand, desires to maintain himself by unethical means. He holds his nose with his hand (fingers) and recites the name of God ceaselessy (by himself) and expects the Shudras to toil in the fields and maintain (feed) the Brahmins (with the fruits of their labour).They enjoy sumptuous feasts and rest on softs beds (at night). They occupy many high (Government) posts only to exploit the Shudras (in various ways). The Brahmins wish, in their heart to hearts, that only the Brahmins should be appointed as teachers (in the schools) so that can criminally neglect their duty (of teaching) the Shudra who will, thus, remain their duty (of teaching) the Shudras who will, thus remain ignorant.

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