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Dalit-OBC NYAY-YATRA to Counter Ayodhya judgement


(The journey for justice)

Press Release
The way the law of the land has been throttled in the name of Hindu-faith
and almost swallowed the land of ‘Babri Mosque’, we are afraid of their
devil designs that the day is not far away they will declare the
‘Constitution of India’ as void and proclaim this country of ours a
‘Hindu-Rashtra”. It is nothing but the satanic conspiracy of the
Caste-Hindus to debase, degrade, demean and divest the Muslims of their
rights to this land of theirs. Under the situation and circumstances, it
will not be prudent on the part of dalits to lament and let pass time by
idling away but go to the People’s Court to tell them the menace of the
devil designs of Hindu Micro Minority (Caste Hindus) against their Muslim
brethren in India.

This is not the first time in the annals of Indian jurisprudence
that the Caste-Hindu judges have gone beyond the law of the land. On many
occasions they have passed such orders detrimental to the bare interests of
the Scheduled Caste, Scheduled Tribes, Backward Castes, Muslims, Christians,
and Buddhists of India. In the name of the merit they have tried to deprive
the Scheduled Caste, Scheduled Tribes and Backward Castes of their due share
in the higher technical and management services. In the mane of the ‘Mondal
Judgment’ they have tried to curtail the constitutional employment
opportunities of the Scheduled Castes and the Scheduled Tribes and finally
imposed the principle of ‘Creamy layer’ to deprive the rightful employment
opportunities meant for the Backward Castes.

Time and again it has been observed that if the matter pertains
to the interests of dalit and Muslims, they used to keep the case linger on
for years. In order to protect their own interests, they do not wait for the
night and the Court used to be opened in the night or the house of the
respective Judge turns into a Court-room to deliver the judgment of their
favor on the very night itself.

One may not have forgotten the* defection case of BSP MLAs in the year 1997
in which 12+6+1=19 out of 67 BSP MLAs have defected in piecemeal which by no
standard becomes 1/3 rd of 67 the requisite number of defected MLAs, as such
the Anti defection law should have been applied and the membership of these
defected BSP MLAs should have been terminated out rightly. *But right from
the then Brahmin Speaker of the house (Kesri Nath Tripathi), Governor of
U.P., lower court, High Court and Supreme Court of India which has further
referred it to the Constitution Bench. It is not understandable as to what
sort of Constitutional implications have arisen as the case was referred to
the Constitution Bench of Supreme Court of India! *The matter pertains to
common sense and simple arithmetical calculations as to whether 18 or 19
could be the 1/3 rd of 67 which a student of 1st or 2nd standard could have
solved it!
So far as the birth of Rama the lord of the Caste Hindus is concerned, the
Hindu religious scriptures and legends are evident enough to prove that Rama
was never born on the soil of India. If the concocted fairytales and legends
of the Hindus are to be believed, Rama their lord is said to have born in
Tretayug and the present one is Kaliyug. The timeframe of Dwapuryug which
comes in between is 8, 64,000 years. If it is believed that Rama was born at
the end of Tretayug the time of his birth should have taken place about nine
lakh years ago.
The ‘Rama’ the lord or the deity of the Caste-Hindus is described as
“Arya-putra” in their so called religious texts and legends and the Aryans
have descended to this land of ours about 4500 years back from Central Asia
or the arctic region as enunciated by none other than the Great Brahmin Pt.
Jawaharlal Nehru, the first Prime Minister of India in his book “**Discovery
of India**” and this fact is also authenticated by another great Brahmin
leader and philosopher Lokmanya Pt. Bal Gangadhar Tilak in his Book “**The
Arctic home in the Vedas**”. Thus it is proved beyond doubt that if Rama the
lord of the Hindus had ever taken births it never on the Indian soil. It may
be somewhere else either in Central Asia or in the Arctic region.
Therefore awarding 2/3rd land of Babri Mosques to the Hindus cannot be
justified under any circumstances or the law of the land. The Hindu faith
i.e. their evil & devil design has clearly surfaced in the Allahabad High
Court Judgment depriving our Muslim brethren of their 2/3rd right over their
ancestral land of Babri Mosque.
It is also an open secret that the people of the Scheduled Caste, the
Scheduled Tribes, and Backward Castes are the victims of Caste inflictions.
They oppressed, suppressed and victimized almost daily at the hands of the
Caste Hindus. Our houses and huts are burnt. Our innocent people are kicked
and killed almost daily. The modesty of our women folks is not spared but no
justice is still meted out from the judges of Hindu-mindset.

Here are a few cases of prejudiced judicial pronouncements delivered by the
judges of Hindu-mindset against the Scheduled Castes, the Scheduled Tribes,
Backward Castes, Muslim, Buddhists, Sikh and Christians:

1- The Supreme Court in India had delivered a judgment checkmating
the promotion prospects of SC/ST whereas the question of Creamy Layer of
OBC’s was before the consideration!

2- 1997’s defection case of BSP MLAs in which 12+6+1=19 out of 67 have
been defected which by no standard becomes 1/3 rd of 67 the requisite number
of defection, as such the Anti defection law should have applied and
membership of these defected BSP MLAs should have been terminated out
rightly. But the case is still pending with the Constitution Bench of
Hon’ble Supreme Court of India! It is beyond understandable as to what sort
of Constitutional implications are there? The matter pertains to simple
arithmetic as to whether 18 or 19 could be the 1/3 rd of 67 which a student
of 1st or 2nd standard could solve it.*

3- The another defection case of 40 BSP MLAs is still pending.

4-"Boot out Boota Singh" is the language reserved by Supreme Court
Judge for Honorable Governor of Bihar Mr. Boota Singh ji in a recent
case/judgment on the vacation of otherwise unauthorized occupation of
Government accommodation.

5- The Supreme Court Judgment abolishing the minority character of
Aligarh Muslim University (AMU).

6- Not a single culprit of mass killing, rape and murder of innocent
dalits/Tribal have been convicted/prosecuted or awarded death sentence for
the heinous crimes so far by any court of law in India? It may not be out
place to mention that thousands of the innocent dalits had been killed by
way of the mass killings at Belchhi, Pipara, Parasbigha, Deoli, Sadupur,
Panwari, Kumher, Fatehpur, Jahrana, etc.

7- Why not even a single culprit of Communal riots on Muslims has been
pros ecuted by awarding death sentence?

8- Not a single culprit of 1984 riots/carnage against Sikh fraternity
have been prosecuted or awarded death sentence except it made a few dalit
officers of Delhi police as scapegoat.

9- Why the Supreme Court had delivered verdict on the quota of
Scheduled Caste/ Tribe/OBC in the professional private institutions

10- Why Kanshi Ram’s 97 year old mother is being subjected to run from this
Court to that Court up to Supreme Court seeking release of her unmarried son
from the clutched and captivity of a lady who otherwise has no legal or
moral author ity over ailing Kanshi Ram?

Apart from the above, so many other such obnoxious judgments have been
passed by the brahminical judges against our people. There are thousands of
such cases pending with the judiciary in which the fate of our educated
employees is locked up unnecessary. The brahminical administrative officers
or the head of the departments are habitual of denying the legitimate and
Constitutional rights of the SC/ST & OBC employees.

It is really a matter of shame and grave concern that nobody dares to raise
an eye brow against these calculated moves by the brahminical knaves. Not
even our political Gods & Goddesses have ever felt concerned and dare to say
anything against these obnoxious judgments! Our political representatives
have virtually become the three monkeys of Gandhi as such become blind, deaf
and dumb towards abominable thralldom, inhuman injustice and perpetual
oppression, suppression, exploitation and butchery of our people. They do
not even bother for our people being kicked and killed or our daughters,
sisters; mothers are being raped and murdered almost daily!

Now the question arises as to who is to bell the cat? Obviously, it is the
sole responsibility of our political Gods & Goddesses who has no dearth of
the resources and people’s support. They can make the much sought-after "The
Crises" to settle the score with our enemies but when they miserably failed
to protect their own interest and certainly have nothing to do with the
welfare/problems of our people even when they were in power then nothing
good could be expected from them. It becomes an uphill task for them when
they would have embraced Brahminical knaves! We have seen our political Gods
& Goddesses (Leaders) virtually licking the feet of their political bosses
just for their own welfare and sustenance!
In the name of their so called Hindu-faith, the Caste Hindus have
swallowed the 2/3rd land of Babri Mosque. We perceive that the day is not
far away; these very Caste Hindu Judges will pass an order to declare the
“Constitution of India” as prepared by Baba Saheb Dr. Ambedkar as ‘void’ and
proclaim this country a “Hindu-Rashtra”!
We are, therefore, constrained to launch a countrywide “**NYAY YATRA**” so
as to educate, agitate & organize the people of the Scheduled Caste, the
Scheduled Tribes and Backward Castes and also make them aware of the evil &
devil designs of the Caste-Hindus; a potential threat and impending danger
to their respectful existence. This is also once again a time for us to take
side of our Muslim brethren in their hour of sorrow. This “**NYAY YATRA**”
is proposed to begin with Delhi and culminate at Lucknow after passing
through the lanes of the various districts of Uttar Pradesh.
Hope, the affluent and intellectuals people from amongst the Scheduled
Caste, Scheduled Tribes, Backward Castes, Muslims, Christians, and Buddhists
of India shall give a deep thought to it and extend their *helping hand *for
this pious ‘Mission’.

From:- Ambedkar Samaj Party (ASP),

Rashtriya Joota Brigade (RJB),

Veerangna Phoolan Devi Mahila Morcha (VPMM),

Ambedkar Student Front (ASF),

Jyotiba Phule Kishan Morcha (JKM),

*304 Mandakini Enclave,
Alaknanda, New Delhi-110019 (India)*
Our website:*

**’No man can be grateful at the cost of his honor; no woman can be grateful
at the cost of her chastity; and no nation can be grateful at the cost of
its liberty.*”

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