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Congratulations To Asia To Gaza Mission - By Nilofer Bhagwat

Congratulations To Asia To Gaza Mission - By Nilofer Bhagwat (11/1/11)
Nilofer Bhagwat

Dear Members of the Asia to Gaza mission,

Congratulations to all on Mission accomplished. Your own experiences will inform you that the siege imposed on Palestine has many collaborators with the government of Israel; and it is necessary to continuously expose this collaboration in the region and beyond, including in all occupied territories and in Palestine which has resulted in the killings, mutilations, starvations, the bombings of UN food aid and medical centres and the testing of prohibited weaponry in Gaza ,with basic necessities being denied to the Palestinian people, with the active support of other governments who claim that they have brought democracy and human rights to the region .

The ban imposed on the Iranian delegation of the Asia to Gaza Caravan on a humanitarian mission, is one example of the people of Palestine being denied the right to determine freely their policies and alliances. Similarly bans have been imposed on individuals who have focused attention on those governments collaborating with Israel on the siege on the citizens of the State of Palestine in Gaza who have been prohibited from entering the land route into Gaza for criticizing the acts of collaboration.

Your Mission from Asia was the first all Asia mission with citizens from several countries in Asia, namely India, Iran, Pakistan, Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Turkey, Jordan, Lebanon among others in close co-operation, a reminder that Asia is also a front line against recolonization, the pillaging of resources and establishment of Narco States.

Earlier from Asia, the citizens of Malaysia were among the pioneers in the over land and sea missions to break the siege of Gaza co-operating with the citizens of Europe and eminent citizens from the United States including a former member of Congress Cynthia Mckinney. This was followed by the martyrdom of Turkish citizens from the continent of Asia killed on the MAVI MARMARA singled out in a racist attack, immediately followed by the ship RACHEL CORRIE a part of the Flotilla launched with support from the elder statesman, Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad and eminent citizens from Malaysia including barrister Mathias Chang, in collaboration with courageous citizens from Ireland among whom were Mairead Mcquire and Denis Halliday among others, with all on board intimidated by Israeli warships ,illegally arrested and detained in violation of all norms of International Law.

Your mission had every right to break the siege imposed on land and Sea. The siege is illegal, in violation of the laws of war, apart from being barbaric and brutal. The sea off Gaza is an integral part of Palestinian territorial waters and economic zone as per the Resolution of the United Nations General Assembly establishing the State of Palestine.

A Resolution passed by the UN General Assembly with the vote of the then US government supporting the creation of two states by one and the same Resolution, cannot as per elementary juridical and constitutional principles, be legally superceded, set aside, abrogated or in any way altered or denied by a Resolution of the US House of Congress and Senate, passed almost six decades after the Resolution creating the State of Palestine, which is a de Jure and de facto reality ,having been recognized by a majority of the member states of the United Nations, including the recent recognition of the State of Palestine by governments of countries in Latin America.

The US Congressmen and Senators were not aware of the elementary principle, that in law without the State of Palestine there can be no legitimacy for the State of Israel, as a denial of the Resolution creating the State of Palestine is in fact negating the establishment of the State of Israel sought to be established on Palestinian territory by one and the same Resolution. It is not Mahatma Gandhi and President Ahmedinejad alone who question the legal validity of the Balfour Declaration and the establishment of the State of Israel by settlors from other countries and regions colonizing territory belonging to the people of Palestine; it is now the US legislature which is in denial of the same Resolution which simultaneously established the State of Palestine and the State of Israel. It was the stand of the then government of India headed by Jawaharlal Nehru in the United Nations that there can be only one State on Palestinian territory and that is the State of Palestine with equal rights to all citizens, including those who had been forcibly evicted from Palestinian homes and territories.

With greetings to all those who persevered against all odds in the spirit and warmth of International solidarity, leaving us behind in the cold, feeling somewhat as lesser human beings, no matter what the reasons valid or otherwise.

I salute your fortitude and indomitable courage and of those who preceded you on board fragile boats and on the Freedom Flotilla , an example to those who will follow until the SIEGE OF GAZA IS LIFTED AND THE STATE OF PALESTINE PRESENTLY IN CHAINS IS LIBERATED .


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