Monday, June 13, 2011

26/11 truth: Now RANA'S acquittal: PART I & II - David Colemann Headley Is a CIA-FBI Agent

By Feroze mithiborewala

Dear All, / David Colemann Headley Is A CIA-FBI Agent / By Feroze Mithiborwala
=========== / The Headley Saga: What Are They Hiding? / By Feroze Mithiborwala / 29 October, 2010 /

After the recent acquittal of Rana for his alleged involvement in the 26/11 terror attacks by US Courts, is there anyone still left in doubt regarding the collusion of the CIA-ISI in this regard? Rana has links to the LeT & has is facing imprisonment for his role in the Danish cartoon issue, but none for his role in the 26/11.

It is a clear attempt to safegurad the ISI elements who were involved in the 26/11 terror attacks.
This is basically a quid pro quo between the CIA & the ISI, with the Government of India & our RAW & IB, well in the know.

Thus once gain we are told that we will be given access to Headley for further questioning.
Headley we know has been used as a tool of disinformation by our government, especially the NIA led by Chidambaram ( a corpporate stooge currently involved in the mass murder of Adivasis).

Thus Chidambaram used Headley to bail out Modi on the Ishrat Jehan encounter by linking that innocent girl to LeT. Then to safe guard the Abhinav Bharat-Sanatan Sanstha & the RSS, statments were published that the Samjhauta express was the handiwork of the ISI, whilst now we know better after Swami Aseemanand's statments.

And as we all noticed, after Assemanand's confessions, immediately the statements attributed to Headley & used by Chidambaram then came to a halt. Also the Chhitisingpora massacre in Kashmir was linked to the ISI, whereas our own security forces were involved as we all well know.

So our media & govt are supposed to chew on the Headley bone, to pacify the rising anger & doubts amongst the masses.

What a darn sham!!

The articles that I had penned during that period exposing Headley as a CIA agent (thus not a double agent, as we are being told & therefore knowingly misled by our media & government) are useful reminders to the questions & facts that we need to comprehend & grapple with . . . but are we willing to raise them is the question, that begs an honest reply.

In Solidarity with the Global resistance to Imperialism & Zionism!!
Feroze Mithiborwala (National President) & Kishore Jagtap (National Vice-President)
Bharat Bachao Andolan

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