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“For a National Struggle against Imperialism, Zionism & Brahmanism”





DATE: JULY 15, 2011 / TIME: 5pm.

Once again the city of Mumbai has been rocked with a series of blast, with more than 20 dead & over a hundred seriously injured. Mumbai is now on par with Karachi & Kabul in the list of terror ravaged cities. Once again we have the same words from Home Minister Chidambaram & RR Patil & our ATS led by Rakesh Maria & the Police Commissioner Hemanshu Rai are clueless as always. The same was the case in the aftermath of the 13/2 Pune German Bakery & the murder of journalist J Dey (which is another cover up, as J Dey had exposed the Oil Mafia-Politician-Bureaucrat-Police nexus), when finally some people are rounded up, evidence framed & concocted & case closed, till the next terror attack or murder of a Shahid Azmi.

ROLE OF MEDIA & POLICE: The police are saying that they have no clues & no leads. The CCTV cameras have once again failed to provide footage. The use of Ammonium Nitrate with shrapnel, scooters & tiffin boxes have left the clues, but our police & media are hell bent on only targeting the ephemeral Indian Mujahedeen, which is basically a covert operation of the Intelligence bureau, where Muslims with a criminal background are entrapped & framed in terror acts & files shut . . . till the next terror attack.

Even though there are no leads & that the use of Ammonium Nitrate, tiffin boxes & scooters also point to the Abhinav Bharat & the Sanatan Sanstha terror networks, the political leadership, police & the corporate media, tend to turn a total blind eye to this possibility - once again. This is despite the fact that Swami Aseemanand's confessions & the charge sheeting of Col Purohit & Sadhvi Pragnya have exposed the threat to the very sovereignty that they pose to our nation, with their penetration with the Intelligence Bureau, as well as within the Military apparatus across the country.


Chidambaram, like his predecessor Shivraj Patil has turned out to be an utter failure & the less said about the utter failure RR Patil the better. Chidambaram conveniently forgets that during his tenure, terror attacks have occurred in:

1) Goa on the eve of Diwali (18th October 2009) & the Sanatan Sanstha was even charge sheeted by the ATS/SIT. For the first time the charge sheet was not released to the media.

2) Pune-German Bakery (13/02/10): Target Indo-Pakistan talks & cover up of the Shahid Azmi murder by sections of the political leadership & the police.

3) Chinnaswamy Stadium, IPL-Bangalore (17/04/10), which was clearly the result of the power struggle between Sharad Pawar & Lalit Modi.

4) Delhi-Jama Masjid shooting (19/09/10): Causes unknown

5) Varanasi-Dhaswamedh Ghat (07/12/2010): Target to whip up communal frenzy in Uttar Pradesh & across the country around the anniversary of the Babri Masjid demolition & counter the Punyatithi of Baba Saheb Dr. Ambedkar.

6) A minor blast in the compound of the Delhi High Court (25/05/11): To target the People's & judicial activism over the issue of corruption & black money, as well as the targeting of the entire Jan Lokpal movement.

7) And last but not the least, the joke of a terror list that was sent to Pakistan, which was an international embarrassment undoubtedly.

This is thus the track record of Chidambaram, who tries to portray himself as an efficient minister with pretensions to the throne & we dread that thought. But the reality of Chidambaram is of a man who is a corporate stooge & is killing Adivasis to procure mining rights for Vedanta. A man who is linked to the 2G scam, where a letter between him & D Raja is missing, Rajya Sabha member Mani Shanker Aiyar has exposed his links to Kalmadi & the CWG scam, yet again Chidambaram got elected through fraudulent means & the rigging of the voting machine & there is an ongoing court case in this matter & yet again Pranab Mukherjee has sent a letter to the PM complaining as to how his office was rigged by Chidambaram.

Thus Chidambaram, being highly corrupt & a corporate stooge is very pliable to blackmail & corruption & thus a person with weak integrity is not the Home Minister we need. So firstly Chidambaram must resign.

The same goes for the likes of RR Patil & Rakesh Maria, as well as Raghuvanshi & their utter failure during the 26/11 terror attack & then their connivance in covering up & framing innocent Muslims in the name of Indian Mujahedeen. Rakesh Maria's case against 26/11 accused Fahim Ansari was thrown out by the court & we know the mess that they created in the Bhatkal brother matter in Pune, which was a total embarrassment, where they tried to manipulate the CCTV footage, but failed miserably. Yet again this was the same team that helped shield the Abhinav Bharat-Sanatan Sanstha-RSS in terror attacks in Malegaon, Nanded, Parbhani, Beed, Jalna & the fake terror attack on the Nagpur-RSS HQ. So firstly there needs to be a revamp of the entire security apparatus at the Centre & in Maharashtra as well, as we need sincere & honest ministers at the helm - difficult, but that is the only way.

But lets once again analyse the political reasons, as that seems the only way to analyse as to who actually benefits from these terror attacks. Here we need to understand that now it is the politics of terror that has replaced the politics of communal riots. Just as riots were earlier organized by politicians to divert the national attention from certain issues by creating communal tensions & dividing the masses, the politics of terror serves the same agenda, with national & international geo-political interests being served here as well.

After discussions with a number of senior activists from across the country, this is the conclusion that we have arrived at:


The main target of the Mumbai 13/7 terror attack is to target the Jan Lokpal Bill movement that has emerged as a catalyst & a unifying force that is consolidating the nation, similar to the movement led by Jayprakash Narayan in the 1970's. It is this movement against the rampant corruption & black money, where we also have Senior Ministers & Corporate Ceo's going to prison that has rattled the corrupt ruling elite. From the PM Manmohan Singh (the most corrupt PM ever & himself involved in a 40 lakh crore mega Coal mining scam) & he has also removed the CBI from the ambit of the RTI & now we know why.

Also the rising people’s anger over the unbridled inflation, growing class disparity & exploitation, the struggles in Posco & Jaitapur, the peoples’ resistance to the takeover of the land, water & natural resources by this nexus of the robber baron oligarchs is also a central reason for the Mumbai terror attacks.

Thus the only way possible for the Congress government was to once again change the national discourse from corruption - to terror & whilst we are busy looking for Indian Mujahedeen terrorists in every galli & lane of Mumbai, the files of the various scams will keep on vanishing.


As we are all aware, the India-Pakistan talks are scheduled for the 26th of July & there has been discernible & positive progress between the two neighbours. Earlier too in the terror attacks of Jaipur (13/05/08) & Pune (13/02/10), the Indo-Pakistan talks have been targeted as these blasts occurred 10-12 days prior to the talks. Thus we need to analyse as to which extremist right wing forces in our country, with links to external powers are opposed to Indo-Pak detente & all the possibilities must be put on the table & all the oragnzations & such individuals investigated. Then only we arrive at an honest answer, unlike the single track approach currently underway.

Also the current tensions between the US & Pakistan are a factor here. So let’s not forget that the terror attack has also occurred before the Indo-US strategic talks where Secretary of State & Zionist warmonger – Hillary Clinton is due to visit India on the 19th of July.

This terror attack will definitely help the American case within India & in the region as well. The blast also strengthens the pro-US lobby within the UPA Government led by PM Manmohan Singh & Montek Singh Ahluwalia & other IMF-World Bank stooges.

Increased tension between India & Pakistan helps the US cause to further blackmail Pakistan into doing its bidding & its dirty work for a few million dollars.

The US is planning to destroy Pakistan (like Afghanistan & Iraq) & they want to use India in their larger geo-political game plan for global hegemony. Thus the spate of terror attacks in India is meant to prepare the mindset of the Indian masses for the coming war, which is not far away in our estimation. And thus the 26/11 Mumbai terror attack, for which we have not yet filed a charge sheet against CIA agent Headley & nor have we a “National Commission of Inquiry” to investigate the failure & the complicity of the political & security apparatus. Only a cover up, a deafening silence, where we are all satisfied with a small fry called Kasab, whilst the mastermind Headley is safe in the US.

Also the collusion of the RAW & the CBI in the Purulia armsdrop case, with connections to JK Dutta (NSG-CBI)senior leaders PM Narasimha Rao & MP Pappu Yadav & the subsequent cover up.

3) HOME MINISTRY REPORT: 3500 AMERICANS MISSING IN INDIA SINCE 2006 (THE WEEK)§ionName=COVER%20STORY&programId=1073755753&BV_ID=@@@&contentId=9007556 -

Especially after the role of CIA agent David Headley Coleman & the fact that we have more than 3500 Americans unaccounted for in our country as per the records of the Home Ministry, it is a direct threat to our national security with deep penetration CIA agents having disappeared into our country & they do create havoc & terror as well know.

The CIA cells, as well as that of the thousands of Israeli soldiers & Mossad operatives that are lurking around in India, all need to be tracked & investigated. They are part of the international terror networks that are linked to the Military-Corporate Finance-Industrial Complex, that are reaping huge profits from financing wars & debt.

The proliferation of Private Security Agencies, who get their training from the Mossad are also a threat to national security & our very sovereignty. These are the well trained professional ruthless operatives who could have left behind the tiffin boxes across the city & just walked away. But all we can catch are car thieves & small time pick-pockets as the masterminds & terrorists. What a sham!!

According to Jayadeva Ranade, former additional secretary, Research & Analysis Wing. “The CIA is sending Indian-origin and south Asian-origin officers to India so that they can merge better & The basic approach [of the CIA] will be to befriend senior bureaucrats, senior military officials, politicians to find what our intentions are and what we are planning to do.” An intelligence field operative with 35 years experience, Ranade also did a stint in Washington.

The WEEK report also stated that a senior serving intelligence officer said that the ‘missing Americans’ could be part of a ‘deep penetration itinerary’. “For example, an undercover CIA agent might be tasked to locate himself for a specific period somewhere near Mumbai or Kochi to collect some information about the movement of warships,” said the official. “Once the job is done, the agent is withdrawn.”

Chief of the Army Staff General V.K. Singh told THE WEEK that adequate safety measures were taken in light of the increased activity of the western intelligence agencies. A senior Army officer said that retired officers who work for foreign defense and security companies were being closely watched as part of a counter-intelligence programme.

The CIA has also dedicated resources in India to gather and analyse data that is freely available, like research articles, religious books and web sites. As part of this programme, the CIA allegedly commissioned a 20-state survey on Indian Muslims. Reportedly, US-based Princeton Survey Research Associates International were the main contractors. Allegedly, they sub-contracted it to TNS, a Delhi-based market research agency.

In Kerala’s capital of Thiruvananthapuram, TNS staff visited Karimadom colony, a predominantly Muslim area. The questionnaire was bizarre: Do you consider yourselves Indians first or Muslims first? Your views on imposing Islamic law in India? Do you like Osama bin Laden? Will you give him refuge if he comes to Kerala? Police nabbed four TNS staff after Karimadom residents complained.

The above facts are very dangerous & we need to force our government to counter the infiltration & penetration of the western intelligence agencies, or they will destroy us, as they have Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen, Somalia & all of South Asia & Asia as well.

It is clear that there are elements of the Indian Political & Corporate ruling elite who are complicit in the ongoing terror attacks in our country. Never have this dreaded terrorists even attempted to attack a political leader or a corporate honcho & only ordinary Indians are the victim. Thus the time to expose this evil strategy & nexus has clearly arrived. The masses must awaken & see through this sinister design & save our Republic, our Secular Democracy & our Constitution from being destroyed. The political leadership has failed, thus now it is up to the Indian people to take on the mantle & save India.


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