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Press Release: “Global March to Jerusalem” India

GLOBAL MARCH TO JERUSALEM – 30th of March 2012

Press Release

Felicitation of the 10 Mumbaikar’s of the 50 Indian Delegates to leave for the Asian Convoy across India,Pakistan,Iran, Turkey, Lebanon & Jordan

Marathi Patrakar Sangh, opp CST, Mumbai on the 3rd of March from 2.00pm to 3.00pm

Once again the Indian delegation is all set & due to leave for the first ever “Global March to Jerusalem”, scheduled for the 30th of March 2012. More than 50 Indians of which 10 are Mumbaikar’s will traverse across India, Pakistan, Iran, Turkey, by Ship to Beirut-Lebanon.

This is part of a larger international movement in solidarity with the Palestinian people in their 9 decades long struggle for the independent & sovereign state with Jerusalem as their capital.

Palestine is the central geo-political issue of our times & at the heart of the struggle against the brutal & fascist Israeli occupation lies the core issue of Jerusalem. Due to the systematic Israeli strategy of the construction of Settlements & the Apartheid Wall, Jerusalem as has been cut off from the West Bank & the Israeli’s have refused to even negotiate on this count & have stated that Jerusalem is the capital of Eretz Israel. The siege of Gaza carries on with 15 lakh Palestinians yet under a brutal siege, whilst the Zionist Apartheid Nazi state continue wage war on the civilian population to ethnically cleanse & thus occupy all of historic Palestine.

The situation of Jerusalem, which is the Holy City of three major faiths, is indeed very dire. Israel has violated every UN resolution & tenet of international law. The Palestinians are barred from entering Jerusalem & those who live with the city are being systematically cleansed.

Thus the international movements in solidarity with the Palestinian nation have decide to organize a Global March to Jerusalem on the 30th of March 2012. We will be congregating on the border states of Egypt, Jordan, Syria & Lebanon & marching towards the borders of occupied Palestine in hundreds of thousands.

Delegates from Asia, Africa, South America, America, Canada, South America, Europe & Australia, will be flying in directly to these border nations as well as into Palestine (both West bank & Gaza, as well occupied 1948).

It is the Asian Convoy, which has been organized by the Asian People’s Solidarity for Palestine, that will be going by the land route all the way to Lebanon, whilst traversing Indonesia, India, Pakistan, Iran, Turkey & by ship to Beirut.

Then on the 30th of March we will all march to the borders in the tradition of a non-violent popular people’s movement.

The Indian delegates will be felicitated by the Palestine Embassy in Delhi (7th March, 4-30-7.30pm) & then we congregate at the Rajghat (9th March, 9.00am), seek Mahatma Gandhi’s blessing & after a prayer meeting & speeches we leave for Amritsar, where we visit the Golden Temple & pay our respects to the martyrs of Jalianwala Baug, after which we cross over the Wagah border into Pakistan.

We will be visiting Lahore, Multan, Sukker & Karachi (10-14th March) in Pakistan. After which we will travel to Iran by air & will once again have programmes in Zahedan, Isfahan, Qom, Tehran & Tabrez (15-20th March). In Turkey (21-26th March) we will be going to Ankara & other cities & we will arrive in Beirut-Lebanon on the 27/28th of March.

This convoy is a movement of epic proportions, one that seeks to liberate Palestine & build the unity of the Asian masses & nations in our common struggle against Western Imperialism & Zionism. All those who are marching with us are Satyagrahis in the best traditions of the martyrs of our freedom struggle.

For the GMJ-India Committee

Feroze Mithiborwala, Dr Suresh Khairnar, Kishore Jagtap, Vijaya Chawan & Sandeep Pandey

+91 9820897517 /


Jyoti Badekar (9322061445) & Arif Kapadia (9224412022)



Endorsing Organizations:

  1. Dr. Suresh Khairnar - All India Secular Forum, National Convenor

  2. Adv. Mukul Sinha - Jan Sangarsh Manch, National President

  3. Brig. Sudhir Sawant - Pariwartan Morcha, National President

  4. Mujataba Farooq bhai - Hind-Philistine Manch, National Convenor

  5. Niaz Faruqi – Jamiat-i-Ulema-i-Hind, National Working Committee

  6. Pannalal Surana - Rashtriya Seva Dal, National Convenor

  7. Bhai Vaidya – Socialist Party of India

  8. Prof Imtiyaz Ahmad –

  9. Syed Babar Ashraf – All India Ulema & Masshaikh Board

  10. Anil Chaudhary – Insaaf

  11. Com. Sanjay Singhvi – Trade Union Centre of India, General Secretary

  12. Sunilam – Kisan Morcha, National Convenor

  13. Qamar Agha – Peace & a senior journalist

  14. Kishore Jagtap – Bharat Bachao Andolan – National Vice-President

  15. Ambarish Rai – Right to Education Forum, National Convenor

  16. Rakesh Rafique – Yuva Bharat

  17. Saeed Noorie – Raza Academy, National Convenor

  18. Varsha V V – Dr. Baba Saheb Ambedkar & Mahatma Phule Vichar Manch, Convenor

  19. Insha Malik – Indian Youth for Palestine (Member, National Committee)

  20. PK Sundaram – Coalition for Nuclear Disarmament

  21. Jyoti Badekar – Awami Bharat (Member, National Committee)

  22. Akshay Kumar – Nav Nirman Samiti (National Convenor)

  23. Gopal Rai – Teesra Swadheenta Sangram, National President

  24. Ajit Jha - Lokrajniti Manch, (Member, National Committee)

  25. Mahesh Pandey - Asha Pariwaar

  26. Aslam Khan – Revolutionary Youth Movement (Member, National Committee)

  27. Sandeep Singh – All India Students Association, National President

  28. Sohel Ajani – Hussaini Youth & Ishna Asheri Youth Foundation

  29. Zahid Qadri – Help Hyderabad!!, Convenor

  30. Mustafa Zaidi – Tanzeem-i-Jafri

  31. Mukta Srivastava - NAPM

  32. Satinath Choudhary – Dalit Right’s

  33. Kavita Srivastava – PUCL

  34. Adv. Albertina Almeida – Communal Harmony-Goa

  35. Navaid Hamid – National Integration Council

  36. Arshad Mirza – Bharatiya Muslim Party

  37. Bipin Tripathi – Sadhbhavna Mission

  38. Vidyadhar Date – Senior columnist, Times of India

  39. Sunil Shinde – Lokshahi Mohatsav

  40. Yawar Ali Qazi – National Minorities Federation



1) Justice Rajinder Sacchar ( Renowned lawyer and a former Chief Justice of the Delhi High Court, Member, United Nations Sub-Commission on Prevention of Discrimination and Protection of Minorities. Senior Advisor & counsel for the People's Union for Civil Liberties)

2) Medha Patkar ( Leader of the Narmada Bachao Andolan, National Convenor, National Alliance of People's Movements, Winner, Right Livelihood Award, Goldman Environment Prize & Human Right's Defenders Award, Amnesty International)

3) Admiral Vishnu Bhagwat (former Chief of the Naval Staff of India. Committed to Asian & Third World Solidarity)

4) Mahesh Bhatt (Noted Filmmaker & widely respected for his committment to the cause of religious harmony & Indo-Pakistan relations)

5) Adv. Mukul Sinha (Leading Legal & Human Rights luminary & noted for his struggle in Gujarat to protect the rights of the minorities. National Convenor, Jan Sangarsh Manch)

6) Admiral Ramdas (Winner of the Magsaysay Award for peace for his efforts in trying to demilitarise and denuclearize South Asia)

7) Syeda Hameed (Committed to the uplifment of Women & member of the National Planning Commission of India)

8) Seema Mustafa (Eminent columnist & former political editor, Asian Age & an expert on Palestine)

9) Advocate Yusuf Muchala (Renowned & respected jurist & legal crusader for human rights & justice, Advisor to the Muslim Personal Law Board of India)

10) Swami Agnivesh (ex-Member of Parliament, President - World Council of AryaSamaj, Chairperson – Bonded Labour Liberation Front )

11) Prof. Zeenat Shaukat Ali (Noted Writer & advocate of Womens' Rights & an expert on Palestine)

12) Dr. Suresh Khairnar (Renowned Gandhian & Socialist. Has devoted his life to the cause of religious harmony)

13) Prof. Achin Vanaik (Renowned Proffesor of Political Science & a leading voice of the Palestinian solidarity movement in India, leader of the Coalition for Nuclear Disarmament, CNDP)

14) Ghulam Pesh Imam (Philantrophist & active social worker)

15) Lalita Ramdas (Chair, Greenpeace International & Peace Acitist committed to India-Pakistan friendship)

16) Sandeep Pandey (Winner of the Magsaysay award & convenor of the National Alliance of People's Movements)

17) Adv Niloufer Bhagwat (noted legal & human rights luminary)

18) Anand Patwardhan (Documentary Filmmaker of national & international repute, having one numerous awards of popular & critical acclaim)

19) Shahid Siddiqui (Editor Nai Duniya, ex-Member of Parliament, leader of the Samajwadi Party)

20) Brigadier Sudhir Sawant (ex-Member of Parliament & National President, Shiv Rajya Party)

21) SS Yadav (Renowned Dalit Economist & Leader of the Republican Party of India)

22) Hanumant Upre (Writer & National Leader of the Other Backward Castes.)

23) Pradeep Dhoble (Noted Writer & Bahujan Intellectual)

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