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May 15, 2012 Nakba Day Program.

The 15th of May, marks the 64th year of the catastrophe that befell the Palestinian nation & thus it is refereed to as the Nakba, or the catastrophe. It was on this day that the Israeli European colonialists occupied Palestine & they ethnically cleansed more than 800,000, or half of the original inhabitants of the land.

Today after more than 9 decades of a racist & brutal occupation, the Palestinian nations continue to defy the Israeli-US-Nato powers against all odds. And the Palestinian Initifada continues to inspire billions of people across the to resist the imperial-Zionist designs for global hegemony. And thus the people of Palestine continue to stand at the front-lines & are the vanguard of the international resistance.

The brutal & Nazi Israeli occupation carries on with Western complicity. But on the other hand, the international mass support for the cause of Palestine continues to grow across the world & today, Palestine is the most popular cause in this history of the world.

Also the struggle for Palestine symbolises the struggle against imperialism & Zionism. In our country, today the corrupt Manuwadi forces &
elite corporates
are in alliance with these global powers. As we also know that it is the Zionist-Israeli lobby that controls the USA through various means of subterfuge. Israel is deploying the same strategy to control India. Thus Israel loses a grave threat to the very sovereignty & security of India.

The great Indians like Mahatma Gandhi, Mahatma Phule, Maulana Azad, Dr. Baba Saheb Ambedkar, Bhagat Singh - all of whom had opposed the formation of Israel on principled & moral foundations. We need to protect & defend the traditions & the legacy of our national freedom struggle.

Thus we need to awaken the Indian people to the threat that Israel poses to our own country & at the same time, we need to support & stand in solidarity with the Palestinian nation, as they struggle for their independence from the Zionist apartheid occupiers.

We thus call for the Boycott of Apartheid Racist Israel. We also appeal to the people of India to once again stand in solidarity with the national independence struggle of the Palestinian nation.

Jai Hind!! Jai Bharat!!
Bharat-Palestine Dosti Amar Rahe. (Long Live the People of India & Palestine)

May 15, 2012  Nakba Day Program.

1- Political discussion on Palestine conflict and Isreal's Threat to India and the world 11am-1pm at Mumbai Marathi Patrakar Sangh, CST Mumbai, India.

2- Public Demonstration and Awareness Program. 5pm, at outside Dadar Station(West), Mumbai India.

3- Semainar and Public meeting and GMJ experience sharing talk. 6pm-9pm at Chabildas School Dadar (west) Mumbai.

Organized by, Bharat Bachao Andolan, Phule Sahu Ambedkar Manch, Vidyarthi Bharati, and India Palestine People's Solidarity Forum.

4- Public meeting at Press Club Delhi

Organized by: Muslim Political Council.

5- Memorandum to Prime Minister about Strengthen the relationship with Palestine and to Boycott Israel.

Organized by: Free Palestine Campaign India.

for further details and to join, kindly email us on

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