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Venue: Vanmali Hall, 1st fl., opp. Chabildas School, Chabildas School, Dadar (West), Mumbai 28.
Date: 12th June 2008 (Thursday)
Time: 6-9pm

SPEAKERS: ISSAM MAKOULMember of Poitical Bureau – CPI (Communist Party of Israel) / Head of Ideological Department of the CC of CPI, Sociologist / Head of Emil Tuma Institute for Palestinian & Israeli Studies - Haifa.

Chair: Tushar Gandhi

Comrade Ashok Dhawale: General Secretary - Maharashtra: Communist Party of India - (Marxist)

Comrade Prakash Reddy: Secretary - Mumbai: Communist Party of India

Comrade Sanjay Singhvi: Central Committee Member: Communist Party of India (Marxist-Lenninist)

Feroze Mithiborwala: National Vice-President: Rashtriya Samaj Paksh

The Palestine - Israel conflict remains as one of the most crucial and intractable problems of our age and infact it is the central geo-political issue of our times.

It has been 60 years since the Palestinian people were dispossessed of their land and since then, they continue to resist the occupation in their quest to redeem their nation. The Zionist Colonial settlers had succeeded in ethnically cleansing more than 800,000 people that constituted about half the Palestinian population and destroyed more than 500 Palestinian villages, towns and cities. Today more than 5 million Palestinian refugees demand justice and the "Right to Return" to their homes and their fields. Thus the state of Israel was created by the Imperial powers on 14 May 1948, to which the Palestinian people rightly refer to as the "Nakba".

Today Israel has emerged as a key constituent of the Imperial axis and is basically an Apartheid Rascist state. The brutality of the Israeli occupation far exceeds even that of Apartheid South Africa and its policy of Bantustanization, the Apartheid Wall as well as its laws and the constitution itself, are testimony to this fact. The 1.5 million people of Gaza continue to suffer "collective punishment" which reminds us of the plight of the victims of the Warsaw ghetto under Nazi occupation.

But the "Intifada" or "the Uprising" of the Palestinian masses continues to resist the might of the Israeli-US occupation and capture the moral imagination of the people of the world.

Of more worry to the Indian people is the fact that today our government is a willing junior partner of the US-Israeli axis. We are today the largest buyers of Israeli weapons.

The government has betrayed the principles of our independence movement, that were committed to supporting the struggles of the Third World nations against colonialism.

The IPPSF is committed to the Palestinian people and we stand in solidarity with their liberation struggle.

We therefore appeal to all those of us who are committed to the just resolution of the Palestine-Israel conflict to attend the proceedings.

In Solidarity

Tushar Gandhi (Convenor) -
Feroze Mithiborwala(Co-Convenor)

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