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Press Conference: Shahid Azmi's murder, Pune Terror attack & Indo-Pak dialogue

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DATE: 17TH FEBRUARY 2010 / TIME: 4.30-5.30pm onwards




2) Advocate Shahid Azmi's murder - We demand a judicial inquiry.

3) Extradite CIA agent David Headley to India

At last we are talking politics. We had always maintained that every terror attack has a political agenda which it tries to determine, scuttle or undermine. The primary reason behind the German Bakery Blast that occurred in Pune on the 13th of February 2010, was to undoubtedly subvert the Indo-Pakistan dialogue process that has been currently underway since the last week, with the Foreign Secretaries to meet on the coming 25th.

For once we welcome the fact that the government has desisted from naming the usual suspects. But the media backed by the pro-US/Israeli political elements within, is already blaring away about the involvement of the Indian Mujahedeen (IM is basically a covert operation of the IB & whose antecedents we will discuss later), as well as David Coleman Headley, who is not a double agent, but a committed CIA-Mossad operative. But the fact of the matter is that is this the only terror force in this country opposed to the talks??

The Corporate Media has taught us all a new lesson. We were not aware of the fact that the Abhinav Bharat, the Sanatan Sanstha or for that matter the hard core right-wing sections of the BJP, RSS, Shiv Sena, Bajrang Dal, Durga Vahini or the Vishwa Hindu Parishad, are supportive of the Indo-Pakistan talks. This absurdity in the media discourse stems from the fact that a large section of the secular-liberal media itself, leave alone it’s communal sections, suffers from a strong dose of Islamophobia. The Pune terror attack & it’s aftermath where the media was already quoting ‘sources’ & with it’s ‘experts’ ranting away with a worldview coloured by Western media sources. This is also the reason as to why the media carries on with it’s infantile tirade against China, Iran & Pakistan amongst others as orchestrated by the US lobbies & assets.

The corporate media is also terming the Pune blast as the first after the 26/11 attacks, conveniently airbrushing away the fact of the Sanatan Sanstha Goa terror blast of November 2009. That is the corporate media today, distortion, deceit & disinformation are the norm & thus their falling credibility in the eyes of the masses.

The Pune terror pattern is similar to the Abhinav Bharat agendas & operations of the recent past. Immediately after the blast the IBN-LOKMAT channel mentioned that he pattern appears similar to the Malegaon attacks & it appears that a cycle was used. Later on we were told that a bag with deadly bombs was found in an auto-rickshaw that was to have targeted the Chabad Lubavitch House nearby. Cycled, Scooters or Auto-Rickshaws; they are all part of the pattern that match an Abhinav Bharat operation. The fact that Ammonium Nitrate mixed with RDX & nails is a Abhinav Bharat finger print. But no discussion on this fact. This was not a Sanatan Sanstha operation, simply due to the level of deadly sophistication. The bombs were placed below the tables & blown off by remote control or a timer. This was the handiwork of highly trained professionals that the Abhinav Bharat does have, as it is a terror network of military personnel committed to a fascist Brahmanical Hindutva agenda.

We are told that the American & Europeans & other foreigners were the main target & the media is discussing the Israeli factor as usual. The blast occurred at 7.00pm or thereabouts & that is when the Westerners are actually within the Osho Ashram, as it is the time of meditation. Thus the ones in the restaurant were mainly our very own Indians from all religions & languages. Interestingly amongst the two foreigners killed, one was an Iranian. The Iranians also comprise the largest section of foreigners grievously maimed in the blast. For those who are aware of the current war of attrition currently underway between Iran & Israel, this point needs to be understood. Interestingly not a single Israeli was injured or killed, as none were present. Elementary . . . !! Also do recall that recently a Mossad module assassinated a Palestinain Hamas leader in Dubai, which they had entered under the cover of European passports, most probably German.

Also Recall that the Jaipur terror attacks of 13th May, 2006 occurred a week prior to the Indo-Pakistan Foreign Ministerial talks. Also the very role of Colonel Purohit & Pravin Togadia (Vishwa Hindu Parishad) have been linked to the Samjhauta train blasts by Shaheed Hemant Karkare, who was too later murdered during the 26/11 False Flag terror attack.

Look at the facts.

1) Which is the terror organization responsible for the most number of terror attacks across Maharashtra & the country during the course of the last four years, ever since a new wave of terror has been unleashed?? Answer, the Abhinav Bharat!!

2) Which terror organization enjoys the patronage & the protection of the Intelligence Bureau (IB) & sections of the Military & the pro-US-Israeli lobbies within the Indian State??

Answer, the Abhinav Bharat!!

3) Which terror organization has the expertise & the resources to expedite sophisticated & well planned terror attacks, to serve the agenda of the extreme-right wing & Zionist Nazis??

Answer, again is the Abhinav Bharat.

Now let us deal with the politics of the situation.

There are three primary inter-connected political reasons that are linked to the terror attacks:

1) The Indo-Pak Peace talks as earlier stated.

Undoubtedly the peace talks have restarted due to the gentle prodding of the Americans. This necessity has arisen due to the increasing resolute & determined resistance that the US-Nato forces are facing in Afghanistan & is fast developing into their new Vietnam.

Thus it was later that the US realised that the Afghan imbroglio can only be settled by actively involving the major regional powers for which two International conferences were recently held in Istanbul (where India was not invited) & the other in London, where our role war relegated to the status of an observer at best.

Thus if the US had to involve the Pakistanis to stabilise Afghanistan, they would need a modicum of peace between India & Pakistan.

Thus the dialogue process has been initiated & we welcome that.

And that is the reason that all of a sudden “Jung ki Asha” has changed to “Aman ki Asha”. So the media that has been blaring away for war has now over night turned to the “Business of Peace.” So whilst the 'Times of India' is on with 'Aman ki Asha', it’s channel, 'Times Now' is still involved in Pakistan bashing. Both Peace & War are good for business. Both of the above are owned by the same business house, namely Benett Coleman.

Also do understand that whilst the US, is nudging the two for talks, the Israeli’s have their independent strategic agenda that at times contradicts US interests & increasingly so.

2) The murder of Advocate Shahid Azmi on February 11.

Shaheed Shahid Azmi (33) was defending the primes accused in the various cases of terror that included the Ghatkopar blast, Aurangabad harms haul, the Mumbai train terror of 2006, the Mumbai 26/11 terror attack, amongst myriad others. His investigations were a serious threat to the entire IB-Police version. Surprisingly even for us, the murder made it to the headlines & the front pages despite the Thackeray-SRK concocted drama. Thus there was a dire need to cover up the murder.

We state this categorically & say it without fear that Shaheed Shahid Azmi was assassinated in cold blood at the behest of pro-US/Israeli elements within the IB & the Police

3) The issue of the supposed attack on the Chabad Lubavitch House.

Interestingly one bag of IED explosives blew up in the German Bakery, whilst another was found in an auto-rickshaw close to the Chabad House. One wonders as to why the terrorists failed to detonate the bombs. No explanation is on offer.

The basic fact is that Israel is the biggest obstacle to Indo-Pak peace & is once again trying to solicit sympathy as it did in the aftermath of the 26/11 false flag terror attack of which Israel was the biggest strategic gainer.

Who gains?? - should be the simple question after every crime, after every terror attack. Ask that basic question & you will arrive at a logical answer,

Moreover, the fact of the Abhinav Bharat-Mossad links are recorded within the chargesheets that were filed as per the investigations of Shri Hemant Karkare.

Also the ‘Deadley-Headley’ matter needs to be analysed, First let us be very clear on a simple indisputable fact – David Coleman Headley is a CIA-MOSAD operative & not a double agent as is being misconstrued & we have already elaborated on this fact. A terrorist who is on a recce to identify targets does not stay right next to the targets for fear of being exposed or identified & this has been the story with Headley in every case.


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