Monday, February 22, 2010

Where did the RDX used in Pune come from?

Written by Moin Ansari World

There are several sources of the Indian Rmy issue issued RDX. The lues lead to the Hindu perpetuators of carnage on the Pakistani Samjohta Express laden with Pakistanis returning home.

The trail of Pune leads straight to Puhoit and his gang that had access to the RDX from the Indian Army.

Pune bombed: More Shiv Sena terror in Maharahstra
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PUNE – Pune police on Feb 16 said they have got “vital” information on the blast from the CCTV footages even as two persons with suspected links with Indian Mujahideen were detained in connection with the attack.

Police Commissioner Satyapal Singh said they have got the forensic report and it has established that RDX and ammonium nitrate were used in the attack at the German Bakery, a popular eatery in Pune city. “We have the CCTV footages. We have got some vital information from it,” Singh told reporters here. “We received the forensic report last night. It has been established that the presence of RDX, ammonium nitrate and petroleum hydrocarbon oil in it,” the Commissioner said. The explosives were hidden inside a bag which was lying under a table in the cafe. It exploded when a waiter tried to open it.

Singh said 24-year-old Abhishek Saxena from Lucknow succumbed to his injuries on Feb 15 night, taking the toll to 10.

Will Shiv Sena Marhati xenophobia destroy Bollywood and Mumbai? Shiv sena has succeeded in tarnishing Bollywood, and Mumbai–today Mumbai is a synonym for terror. More cracks in India: Can it survive Shiv Sena xenophobia?

Mumbai belongs to Marathi people only– Thackeray threatens with weapons
Will Shiv Sena Marhati xenophobia destroy Bollywood?
Failed States. The Shev Sena vials of hate about “Mumbai for Maharashtrians only” is more insidious than the most vocal Nazi racism that was built on ethnic cleansing and deportation of “aliens”. The Shiv Sena “war against North-Indian’s” is more profound than the chauvinistic malevolence of the KKK that propagates the racial superiority of a race. The Thakaray’s supremacy vitriol against the “Italians” is actually rhetoric against all Christians. When the ignoble Sena bans Australian cricketers from Mumbai–it is actually spewing malignity and malicious venom against all people of European origin. The villainous Sena’s ethnocentrism opposing Mayawati is really its misogynic policy of continued enslavement of the Dalits.

A tailor from the shopping complex around the graveyard had picked up a corpse without torso with a false beard. It simply disappeared! How sinister!
While reacting to the bombs the Hindus were making in Nanded he said with a smirk they were not meant for pooja!
Sources of Pune RDX is either from Prihot or from Shankar Shelke
Lt Col Shrikant Prasad Purohit freinds 500 activists trained at Goa hideout and at Bhonsla Military Schols of Nasik and Pune are still at large.
Traces of RDX that Purohit stole form the army stock were found in the house of Sudhakar Chaturvedi in Matunga, Pune.
The Pune RDX could have come from Shankar Shelke of Ahmednager. who on September 16 2006 had been caught with 195 kg of RDX and some bomb shells.
Pune bombed: More Shiv Sena terror in Maharahstra
The Sena’s obnoxious diatribes against Jews and the Chinese are not isolated murmers–they are part and parcel of the Swastika heralding philosophy that sees Hindu dominance over all other faiths and races. The Shiv Sena vitriol against Muslims is disguised as a tirade against the Khans. While the press reports and the Shiv Sena TV and newspaper outlets simply mention “Khan”, the term term ”Khan” implies all Muslims. Shiv Sen’a odious campaign against “foreigners” in Mumbai is to displace and move out all Muslims and all North Indians from Maharashtra, by coercion, and intimidation. The Shiv Sena squalid outbursts against all Australians, Nepalese, and Bangladeshis is an outburst against humanity. India intoxicated by meager success is blind to real self-portrait of caste infested penury and balkanization

India’s Security nightmares: Naxalites, Mioram, Tamilland, Khalistan, 7 sisters of Northeast, 450 million Untouchable Dalits, Kashmiris, 150 million Muslims. Mumbai the commercial center of Bharat (aka India) today looks and feels like Pre-Weimar Germany, where the Jews lived in fear of being deported and killed. Bharat’s Maoist insurgency.

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