Monday, March 7, 2011

First National Conference against Fascism, Terrorism & Encounters

Ahmedabad , September 1-2, 2007

It is apparent to one and all that the issue of terrorism is no more a problem that can be ignored or wished away. The post 9/11 world, is one in which, terror has become a dominant part of the socio-political discourse in countries across the world, in a manner that most of us could never have imagined. We know that Bush's Global War on Terror(GWoT) is nothing but a euphemism for unleashing wars for Global domination and control over resources. The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan today stand exposed in the eyes of the world.

Ordinary Indians from across all religious communities have fallen prey to terror and these attacks have occurred in Mandirs, Masjids, trains, buses and public places. This climate of suspicion and fear is fueling communal divisions and hatred. At the same time our country is on the terror radar and our security services have repeatedly failed to protect the people, whilst managing to protect politicians through regular encounters. We are now experiencing a daily barrage of emails, telephone calls, faxes etc, threatening temples, mosques, airlines, prominent commercial buildings, political leaders and what have you. Terrorist attacks and encounter deaths have become the norm.

Counter to the general perception, actually terror bomb blasts have replaced communal riots as a strategy of the State to divide people. Not a single terror attack either in a Mandir or Masjid has led to communal riots. They are not meant to!! Terror attacks achieve the same aim without blood stains on the hands of the politicians, police or bureaucracy.

The people are undoubtedly fearful and confused and this anger then transforms itself into an anti-Muslim Islamophobia. The general climate of violence and wars, is also fueling the growth of religious extremism across all sections and all these factors are a threat to Indian democracy and secularism.

The necessity of the National Conference was also felt in view of the growing tendency of the State to use violence against innocent citizens under the guise of "fighting terrorism".

We appeal to all those who have undertaken fact finding regarding the fake encounters and fake acts of terrorism and also of RSS involvements in such activities to send us their reports. Our plan is to compile a dossier of all the fact finding reports and you are all requested to email us the same as soon as possible.

For the first ever time at the National Conference, we will discuss and present the facts as they have been recorded by the people regarding the terror attacks ranging from the Parliament, Godhra-Sabarmati Express, Sankat Mochan Mandir, Mumbai, Hyderabad Mecca Mosque, Nagpur, Malegaon, Nanded and the encounters in Chittisinghpora, Ansal Plaza, Sohrabuddin, Ishrat Jahan, Khwaja Yunus etc.

We will also discuss the international terror networks and the linkages between the Al Qaeda and the CIA-MOSSAD. The 9/11 WTC attack itself will be dealt with, since it is the centre piece of the GWoT. We reconstruct and expose the lies of the WTC terror attack and the rest of the lies all falls apart like a pack of cards.

The issues are complex but we need to start a process at the national level and all the reports that we garner and all the discussions that we record, will be compiled, since an effort of this sort has never been undertaken in India.

We need to free our minds and liberate it from the propaganda of the corporate controlled print and electronic media and as we clear the veil of lies, we will take the truth to the people.

We thus request all concerned activists and people to attend.

Participants are requested to confirm their participation by email or call at:

Mukul Sinha (Gujarat)
Suresh Khairnar (Nagpur)
Feroze Mithiborwala (Mumbai): 98208-97517
Zakia Johar (Ahmedabad)
Amrish Patel (Ahmedabad)
Kishore Jagtap (Mumbai):93221-08219
Maulana Azahari (Malegaon)
Firoz Khan: (Nanded)
Vijayan MJ(Delhi)
Joe Athialy (Delhi)
Saeed Khan (Hyderabad)
(National Organizing Committee)

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