Wednesday, June 13, 2012

‘Israeli soldiers partying in Goa are dehumanised’

The Church in Goa termed Israelis, who visit the State to relax after a three-year military stint, as ‘dehumanised’ while also hitting out at Israel and expressing solidarity with Palestinian Christians persecuted by the Israelis.
In a spontaneous letter written to the Jerusalem Inter-Church Centre and Kairos in Palestine, the Council of Social Justice and Peace, the social arm of the Church in Goa, has pledged to make a tangible difference to the ‘sufferings’ of the Palestinians.
“Three years ago for the first time, we sprung into action when we decided to study the issue of Israelis who had completed their term in the IDF and who turned up on the shores of Goa to overlook and disregard their actions while on military duty,” CSJP executive secretary Maverick Fernandes said in his open letter, copy of which has been issued to the media.
“Our study revealed how dehumanised these young people had become and how, because of an oppressive and cruel system of illegal military occupation, even the victimisers had turned casualties and victims of their own cruelties,” he further said in the letter.
The Church in Goa had done a ‘study’ with the help of seminarians who toured the state’s night scene undercover and reported back their inputs which were compiled in the basis of a study. “The night here never ends. They (Israelis) just party with trance music and get intoxicated with drugs and alcohol. They kiss and touch each other openly. They also appear to switch partners,” according to Brother Manuel D’Souza, who was a part of the “under cover survey”.
“Can you imagine young boys killing people. They (Israelis) go mad while in the services. The government sends these people to relaxation hubs. One of them is Goa,” the study says explaining the Israeli tourist behaviour in a chapter called ‘The Sababa experience’.
The study also makes a reference to the socio-economic impact the Israelis have on the state. “They (Israelis) are a nuisance to everybody in and around Palolem (a popular beach in south Goa). Their dominating nature and other monkey business drives away other tourists. So why do we need them?” Onasis D’Cruz said.
Tourists from Israel are those from Europe that visit the state during the winters to escape the chilly climes of Northern Europe.
Israeli youngsters, who are fresh from serving the mandatory three year (approximate) stint in the armed forces prefer to vacation at party hotspots in the Goa, Thailand, Bali, circuit.
The CSJP also hit out at Israel for suffer Israeli occupation. “We are appalled to see when we hear of Israel’s punitive and discriminating actions that have resulted in massive deprivation of human rights and in failing humanitarian standards,” Fr Maverick said.
“Our concern is for the extreme reduction in the number of Christians in The Holy Land. The Holy Land is, after all, the cradle of our faith- as well as that of our sisters and brothers whoare Jews and Muslims,” the letter states, beseeching the Christian population there to “remain strong and empowered enough to withstand the compulsions which the occupation enforces on them and reverse the patterns of emigration”.


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