Sunday, August 12, 2012

Condemnation of Attack on Media in Mumbai

We strongly and unequivocally condemn the attack on media in Mumbai by a section of people gathered at the Azad maidan to protest the violence in Assam and Burma. Using violence in a protest against violence is an insult to the suffering victims in whose support the protest was purportedly organised.

There are many non violent and democratic ways to communicate and protest any grievances, including against the media.  This mindless and shameful action by a few misguided individuals discredits protest and becomes a disservice to a cause.

We offer our solidarity with media; sympathy with all those injured and wish for their quick recovery. We urge the government to take immediate and exemplary action against the guilty. We also appeal to all citizens not to get swayed by this isolated and dastardly incidence and allow the situation to become a cause of conflict.  Any communalisation of the situation will be harmful for everyone and totally against the interests of the nation.

Lalita Ramdas- Ali Bagh
Mazher Hussain – Hyderabad
Admiral L. Ramdas- Ali Bagh
Mahesh Bhatt- Mumbai
Ram Punyani- Mumbai
Kamla Bhasin- Delhi
Sandeep Panday- Lucknow
Jatin Desai- Mumbai

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