Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Dear All, Unfortunately we had to postpone the meeting scheduled for today due to the incessant Mumbai rainfall, but now we have conferred with all concerned and have decided to reconvene on July 5th, Saturday between 5-30-7.30pm.
Also it is clear that Mulayam Singh - Amar Singh (on his return from America - which is a coincidence, or then is it ??!!) have recieved some new insights into the Nuke deal from Pranab Mukherjee. Basically Amar Singh has struck a deal whereby Sonia-Manmohan will give the duo a clean chit in all their sordid underhand corruption scams. With Ajit Singh also joining the bandwagon and a few more who will sell out, Manmohan Singh will cobble the numbers and the Nuke Deal will proceed to the next phase and so will our strategic ties with the US-Israel-EU Imperial project.
This sad and ignominous day marks a watershed in Indian politics.
The UNPA (or whatever is left of it) will be meeting on the 3rd and the LEFT front will finally issue its statement on the 4th of July - ironically the day of Independence for....er....from US Imperialism.
C U all on the 5th of July.
Warm Regards
In Solidarity
Feroze M and Kishore J.


Meeting to discuss and formulate resolution
to express our categorical opposition to the Indo-US Nuclear Deal
at Marathi Patrakar Sangh, Azad Maidan, CST - July 5th (Saturday), 5.30-7.30pm

Leaders & Representatives from Political Parties, Mass Organizations, Social Movements as well as Marathi and Urdu Editors & Literary figures will be present at the meeting.

The following is the basis of the draft that will be considered for discussion and suitable amendments:

Once again the PM Manmohan Singh has plunged the nation into a crisis, ostensibly due to his over zealous committment to the Indo-US Nuclear Deal. The ordinary people had voted for a secular dispensation in 2004, but had not forseen a situation where their democratic aspirations would be sacrificed on the altar of a nuclear agreement. This is clearly a betrayal of the mandate of the "Aam Aadmi", which was basically for a roll back of unbridled neo-liberalism and rampant communalism.

Our opposition to the Indo-US Nuclear Deal stems from the following three reasons:
The primary objective of the Indo-US Nuclear Deal is to bind our country into a Politico-Military-Strategic Alliance as an ally & a junior partner of the US Empire with designs for global hegemony. Clearly our foreign policy has veered away from the path of Third World solidarity and the Non-Aligned Movement and is becoming increasingly "congruent" with that of the US. The "Indo-US Defence Framework Agreement" signed between Pranab Mukherjee and Rumsfeld in June 2005 then led to the "July 18, 2005 Joint Statement" between Manmohan Singh and Bush. The following strategic agreements are under consideration, Maritime Security Co-operation, Logistics Support Agreement, Acquisition and Cross Servicing Agreement. This will lead to India providing refuelling, maintenance, communications, interoperability, partaking in "relief operations" in war zones and collaborate in multi-national peace-keeping operations outside UN auspices. This will effectively reduce India to an Asian outpost of NATO.
The 123 Agreement and the Hyde Act (December 2006) infringe upon our National sovereignty and curtail our strategic programmes. For the first time in the history of Independent India, the government has signed a deal which is subordinate to the law of another country i.e. the Hyde Act. This Act makes Nuclear Trade with India conditional to the annual certification by the US president. The Hyde Act stands in support of the NPT regime which we have rejected as discriminatory and a system of ensuring nuclear apartheid. A determination and any waiver shall cease to be effective if the US President determines that India has detonated a nuclear explosive devise thus effectively curtailing our strategic options in testing a nuclear device. The 123 Agreement does not secure our national interests, nor does it give us an equal status to the US and is therefore in direct contradiction of the July 18, 2005 Joint Statement as well the assurances given by the PM to the Parliament on July 29, 2005.
Even in terms of Energy Security this deal has very little to offer. Both in terms of advanced Nuclear Technology and fuel, US lags behind the leading nations. India has an ample supply of Uranium ore to support 10,000 MW of Nuclear power for the next 30 years, so where is the rush we ask? Countries such as France and Russia are willing to enter into agreements on equitable terms. Even within the Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG) there are bitter differences over the fact that we have not signed the NPT and Australia the leading supplier of Uranium has said so categorically. Undoubtedly our growing economy requires an abundance of energy and for that we need to invest in Coal based Thermal Plants as well as invest in research in alternative energy sources, for which the Manmohan Singh government has little to offer. The UPA government in its short-sighted approach has not inked the long pending agreement with Iran and nor has it vigorously tapped the abundant Oil resources of Central Asia, due to which we as a nation stand to loose in the immediate future.
The government claims that it has undertaken negotiations with the IAEA and has negotiated India-specific safeguards that our supposedly to our benefit, but yet to this day the UPA government has not shared the details with the Parliament, leave alone the People or the media.

Why this secrecy, if it's all to the benefit of the nation?

Why is the the PM plunging the entire nation into a political and constitutional crisis?

What are the reasons as to why we are being compelled to sign a deal, that is, and will prove disastrous to the long term interests of the nation?

This is the time to standup and be counted and come forward to protect the nation from the tentacles of the US Empire !!

We therefore appeal to the political parties, social movements, mass organizations and the people to take to the streets and organize demonstrations across the nation so to effectively thwart the Indo-US Nuclear Deal & oppose the designs of US Imperialism on our country.

CPI, CPI-ML, Bharip Bahujan Mahasangh, Rashtriya Samaj Paksh, Jan Morcha, Lok Rajniti Manch, Awami Bharat, NAPM, Trade Union Centre of India (TUCI), Republican Panther, Indian Federation of Trade Unions (IFTU), Hindu Vikasini, Dhamma Sansad, Yashwant Sena, CNDP (Mumbai), Pakistan-India Peoples' Forum for Peace and Democracy, Vidyarthi Bharti, Yuva Sarkar, Indian Social Movement, OBC Arakshan Samiti, Jamaat-i-Islami, Phule-Ambedkari Vichar Manch, Dalit Intellectual Forum, Movement for Peace & Justice, Muslim Intellectual Forum, Dhangar Samaj Vikas Samiti and Muslim Youth of India.

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