Tuesday, July 29, 2008

'Terror attacks timed to deflect attention from politics'

Mumbai :

Terror attacks are being carried out to divert people's attention from "a serious issue", like how communal riots took place in the past, a group of intellectuals from progressive, Dalit and backward class groups said here Monday.
Under an umbrella organisation called Awami Bharat, the groups emphasised that the politics of communal riots had now been replaced by the politics of terror.
They stressed that terror strikes should be analysed in a political context.
Awami Bharat national president Firoz Mithiborwala told reporters here that past analysis of communal riots indicate they almost always took place when there was a political or economic crisis.
"Communal riots were sparked off in order to deflect people's perception from a serious issue," said Mithiborwala, who is also vice president of Rashtra Samaj Paksh.
He contended that the pattern of terror attacks revealed the same. Mithiborwala said that the terror attacks in Bangalore and Ahmedabad come at a time when the country is divided over the controversial India-US nuclear deal.
"It does not require a great deal of analysis to understand and comprehend the pattern of recent attacks. It is surprising that intelligence agencies and the home ministry were caught unawares," he added.
While a series of blasts in Bangalore killed one Friday, this was followed by a series of blasts in Ahmedabad Saturday in which at least 50 people were killed and over 100 injured.
According to Mithiborwala, the terror attacks provide an escape chute for the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) from its own internal crisis and the Congress party from the controversial nuclear deal due to which it had to face a trust vote in parliament July 22.

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