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Awami Bharat Vs Abhinav Bharat / Sanatan Sanstha

Awami Bharat

"For a national patriotic struggle against imperialism, bramhanism & Zionism"

Awami Bharat Vs Abhinav Bharat / Sanatan Sanstha

press release

The Sanatan santha terror org. has once again targeted a awami bharat for the exposure of the bramhanical terror network.

Do note that we have not called for the ban but we have always demanded an investigation into the terror network of the abhinav bharat by lt. col.purohit , himani sawarkar & the rest of the predominantly chitpavan brahman leadership.

We also demand that the supreme court institute the high level judicial commission of inquiry to be led by the CBI.

Special investigation of Jaywant Athawale is necessary as he is the mastermind of the all India terror network with international linkages

We do not trust the Maharashtra ATS led by Raghuwamshi or even the intelligence Beuro (IB) has they have both been severely compromise by the infiltration of the bramhanical RSS elements as well as those from within the congress who r aligned with the pro -US/ Israel lobby.

We have time & time again been proved right in our dharam-uddha which we have waged to expose the anti national bramhanical cast - class- elite of which sanatan sanstha & abhinav bharat are an integral part.

If sanatan sanstha wishes to take us to court we the members of awami bharat are more than willing to accept the challenge.

Feroze Mithiborwala, Kishor Jagatap
Awami bharat
9820897517/ 9004351455

Goa Blast Issue : 'Awami Bharat's false accusation against Sanatan Sanstha
November 1, 2009

Kartik Shuddha Chaturdashi, Kaliyug Varsha 5111

Read Here: The Real Story of truth of Margao, Goa Blast

Isreal will carry fake attack on The Holy places of Jews in India with the help of Sanatan Sanstha !- ‘Awami Bharat’s’ Invention
As Israel’s racialist nature is being exposed, now it may attack its Synagogues (The Holy place of Jews) in India with the help of militant organizations Sanatan Sanstha and Abhinav Bharat and will try to defame Muslims through it. (Had Sanatan Sanstha and Abhinav Bharat be militant organizations, could Awami Bharat have dared to speak against it? Act of calling Hindus as terrorists in a Hindu majority nation proves that there is no saviour of Hindus left in this nation. Sanatan Sanstha is seeking legal advice about these terrible allegations made by 'Awami Bharat' ! – Editor SP)

United Nations Human Rights Commission has submitted a Goldstone report. This report has blamed Israel of doing racial destruction in the world. The report has also mentioned about the threat that Israel poses to the Al Absta Mosque. While USA has opposed this report, India has supported it along with Russia, China, South Africa and Pakistan. ‘Awami Bharat’ has welcomed this move by India and has expressed satisfaction over India restarting Gandhi – Nehru and Ambedkar’s anti-Israel tradition. (Israel is the only example in the world, which has successfully awakened a nationalist spirit in all elements of the society and created the awareness among citizens about their duty towards nation. Creating doubts about such a nation is like opposing nationalist thoughts ! – Editor SP)

Sanatan Sanstha has carried out the Margao blast in Goa on this background only. (This exposes the conspiracy of ‘Awami Bharat’ to defame Sanatan Sanstha by making false allegations against it, despite the fact that Goa Chief Minister himself has clarified that Sanatan Sanstha has no role in the Margao explosions. Sanatan Sanstha is seeking legal advice in this matter ! – Editor SP )
Sanatan Sanstha and Abhinav Bharat are pro Israeli organizations and they want to break India into pieces by pushing their Pro-Brahmin agenda. (‘Awami Bharat’ is acting like a thief who accuses others of stealing! Pro Hindu organizations are working day and night for the benefit of this nation. Whereas it is proven beyond doubt that Muslims are trying to divide this country into pieces by cooperating with Pakistan sponsored terrorists. Why is ‘Awami Bharat’ silent over it ? - Editor SP)

‘Awami Bharat’ demanded that Sanatan Sanstha, Abhinav Bharat and Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh should be banned. India should also ban racist country like Israel. (What else can ‘Awami Bharat’ think, which is functioning only for Muslim benefit? Had ‘Awami Bharat’ demanded ban on terrorist organisation like SIMI, who is seeking ban on organisations working for welfare of Nation ! – Editor SP)

Source: Daily Sanatan Prabhat

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Anonymous said...

It is you who are dividing the Indian society. The very name of your site "Awami Bharat" is sufficient to prove it. Sanatan's seekers are from all strata of the society including Brahmins, Upper Castes and other Lower Castes. And an organisation cannot be held responsible in any court of law for personal actions of its members. You people need to take up basic course on law first to understand what is legal and illegal. Sanatan is protected by God of all Gods and Lord of Universe, Lord Krishna himself. Sanatanis are like Pandavas of modern age. Although few in number and seemingly weaker, they will yet survive all bans and emerge victorious in the end. They are always virtuous, indestructible and on the path of Dharma.