Sunday, November 22, 2009


B H A R A T - B A C H A O - A N D O L A N



Mahesh Bhattji & his daughter Pooja Bhatt will both be present at the meeting.

The Panel will comprise:

Mr. Kumar Ketkar (Editor, Loksatta), Adv. Yusuf Muchala, Col. Sudhir Sawant (President, Bahujan Samaj Federation), Dolphy D'Souza (President, Bombay Catholic Sabha), Feroze Mithiborwala (President, Awami Bharat) & Kishore Jagtap (President, Ganai Sanskrutik Andolan).
Venue: Press Club, next to Azad Maidan, CST.

Date: Monday 23rd November 2009 / Time: 5.30pm to 7.30pm.
We unequivocally condemn the witch-hunt that Mahesh Bhattji & his entire family is being subjected to. Mahesh Bhattji as well all know is amongst the very few people from the world of Cinema & the Arts, that has unflinchingly stood by the cause of Secularism & Democracy. Never has there been a time when he has not heeded the call of the oppressed. He has always been there at the forefront of the battle against the forces of religious extremism & obscurantism that threaten to undermine & destroy India & thus the reason that he is being targetted.

The way that sections of the police & the media have been attempting to disparage & malign Mahesh Bhattji over the "Headley affair" is truly despicable. We will also be discussing the various matters & questions to do with the "Headley affair"

Thus we now call upon the social & political movements to stand by Mahesh Bhattji & extend their solidarity.

Varsha V V, Asif Khan, Major Barve, Bhagwan Garud, Avinash Kamble, Syed Iftikhar Ahmad, Ravindra Pawar, Jyoti Badekar, Reshma Jagtap, Sayeed Khan, Aslam Ghazi, Chetna Birje, Yavar Ali Kazi, Farid Batatawala, Vilas Gaikwad, Munnawar Azad, Arif Kapadia, Tito Eapen, Ghazala Azad & Shadab Shaikh.

contact: 9820897517 / 9324514101

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