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Satellite Phones, Israeli "tourists" get preferential to Brits! Why??

Satellite Phones, Israeli "tourists/terrorists" get preferential to Brits! Why??
How many more "Deadley Headley's" are on the loose??

1) How come Satellite phones are finding their way into the country & this alarming rate?
2) What were the Israelis' doing in Chennai??
3) Why are Israeli tourists let off so easily??
4) Why has not this NEWS appeared only in the URDU media?? Why is the rest of the Media silent on this story??
5) Compare this to the mania that breaks out after a terror attack - the silence, the cover up out here, says it all.

How many more "Deadley Headley's" are on the loose??
Rashtriya Sahara (Chennai, 23/3/10):

During a visit of the PM Dr. Manmohan Singh & Mrs. Sonia Gandhi (Congress President) to Chennai to inaugurate the New Campus of the State Assembly, the Security apparatus had a scare. The Police HQ received a signal from a Satellite phone. It was traced to three Israeli girls who all had Satellite phones & claimed to be tourists. The phones were confiscated & soon returned after the national leaders left Chennai on March 13, 2010. The Israeli girls took the Satellite phones & left.
Dor Gur, another Israeli tourist/terrorist:

Within a month of British green activist Andy Pag’s travails after being caught with a satellite phone in Rajasthan, an Israeli backpacker was arrested and sent to jail by cops in Uttarkashi for same offence, with the tourist professing ignorance about the law against possessing satphones in India.

Dor Gur (23), who was trekking through the Garhwal Himalayas, got the shock of his life when he was tracked down on February 20 by the police at Dodi Tal after Army intelligence received signals of the use of a satphone. He was arrested under the Indian Telegraph Act and released on bail on Monday after an Israeli embassy sent a team to assist him in Uttarkashi.
Contrast this to the travails of Andy Pag, a British tourist.
Activist charged over sat phone can leave India

JAIPUR, India — A London-based environmental campaigner traveling the world in a biofuel-driven bus has been has been ordered to pay a fine for illegally using a satellite phone and is now free to leave India two months after his arrest, his lawyer said Sunday.

Andy Pag was ordered by a court in Western India to pay a fine of 1,000 rupees ($20) for violating Indian wireless and telegraphy laws, his lawyer Prateek Kasliwal said. India has strict laws governing the use of satellite phones, especially in its border states, to curb their use by terror groups.

The court dropped a more serious charge related to misuse of the satellite phone for espionage and terrorist activity.

Pag, a 35-year-old dual Italian and British citizen whose full name is Andrea Pagnacco, was arrested in the town of Pushkar in Rajasthan state in January after Indian army radars detected his satellite phone. He was granted bail a week later but was ordered to remain in the country while the charges were investigated.

Pag told the court he was unaware that he needed to get a permit to use a satellite phone in India.

"I am a very relieved person after having suffered for 69 long days," Pag said. "I am happy that the court found me innocent, and that I was not using the satellite phone for any terrorist activities."

Feroze Mithiborwala & Kishore Jagtap.

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