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by Feroze Mithiborwala (27/05/2010)

Clearly the strategy of the Chidambaram plan to torpedo the Indo-Pakistan initiative, undertaken by the PM Dr. Manmohan Singh has yet again been thwarted. It was on the very day of the PM’s press conference (only his second in six years), that the ATS announced the news of a major breakthrough in the Pune terror attack & linking the same to Pakistan. On that very day the perpetrators of the attack on the Indian Embassy in Kabul were also caught & obviously traced back to Pakistan. Too many coincidences for a day, we would say. This was similar to the Madhuri Gupta affair that was leaked to the media, just prior to the Manmohan-Gilani talks in Timphu.
But the entire doctored and ill conceived Pune terror story lies in tatters. The media has reported the official story but has also raised certain important questions & pointed to some glaring flaws.

There are conflicting reports about Abdus Samad that have appeared in the media.
1) He is supposedly a contract killer, an arms supplier for the Chota Shakeel gang & linked to an arms cache in Mumbai, 2009.
2) Linked to the Indian Mujahedeen.
3) No criminal record or of any involvement in terror related activities & has been given a clean chit by the Karnataka police. He completed his studies in Bangalore in 2008 & left to Dubai on a valid passport & visa to look for a job. The Bangalore police stated in 2008, that Samad had no links to the IM. His mother has stated that her son has always cooperated with the police & had always been present for questioning, which was on a regular basis.
1) Footage from the Cash Counter CCTV.
2) Footage from CCTV from the nearby ‘O’ Hotel. Thus even the simple question of ‘which CCTV??’ itself is contradictory.
3) CCTV footage was hazy, extensive damage & later reconstructed to show Yasin Bhatkal, who was later identified by an ‘informant’ as Abdul Samad, the elder brother.
The ATS had always maintained that they had no footage from within the confines of the German Bakery. The footage that they had access to was collated from the CCTV's in the adjoining buildings, but which was of a very hazy quality. The ATS Chief Mr. Maria had stated that they had a certain software that could recreate the image. I wonder if they have even bothered to use it. The present image is as clear as can be & looks like as if it has been planted.
1) Report of ATS having arrested Samad as he landed in Mangalore on the basis of a tip-off.
2) Report of two RAW agents having accompanied Samad from Dubai to Mangalore.
3) Samad had left for Dubai on an Air-India flight, with a valid passport & visa, with a return ticket, to look for a job.
1) As Samad was clearly under surveillance, why was he not being tracked through his telephone calls??

2) Was or was not his phone tapped??
(E) Says the ATS, "He was identified after 20 days as having planted the bombs"
1) Then why did the ex-ATS Chief Raghuvanshi refer to Sarang Kulkarni, Prashant Juvekar of the Abhinav Bharat as suspects?? Even the Central Home Ministry raised the possibility. Raghuvanshi had stated that Kulkarni & Juvekar had been spotted in Pune prior to the terror attacks.
2) The ATS has also said that he is not linked to Pune 13/2 or to Mumbai 26/11.
3) Later the ATS 'source' stated that the German Bakery ‘Waiter & Cashier are the prime witnesses’.
4) Then says the ATS, that Samad had begun to ‘talk’, after initially denying his involvement.
The family has countered the ATS version by showing a videography of a family wedding held in Mangalore during that period. There are a more than a 100 witnesses who are ready to testify to this fact. They have screened the video for the media in Mangalore. The family has engaged a prominent Mumbai Lawyer Mubin Solkar to fight the case.
An ATS Officer comments that the video has put them in trouble & that now forensic investigation & testing of the video will finally prove the story or otherwise.

This is the same ATS that has framed Muslim youth in Malegaon, Ajmer & Hyderabad. That delayed the investigation into the Nanded blasts. This is the same ATS that tried to frame Fahim Ansari in the Mumbai 26/11 terror attack, by fabricating evidence & concocting witnesses. This is the same ATS that said that Latif & Riyaz were going to burn down the ONGC and maybe half of our city, but they did not have access to petrol.
Ridiculous lies, lies & more lies.
Our ATS is very good at catching innocent Muslim youth even if they are in Dubai, but cannot catch the masterminds, bomb makers & planters of the Abhinav Bharat & Sanatan Sanstha especially in Maharashtra.
Even thought the ATS had the information since atleast 2008, if not earlier, that it was the Sanatan Sanstha (SS), Abhinav Bharat (AB) & RSS activists that were involved in Malegaon ’06, Ajmer Dargah, Hyderabad Mecca Masjid, Samjhauta Express terror attacks, yet Mr. Chidambaram, Shivraj Patil, RR Patil, Mr. Raghuvanshi, Mr. Rakesh Maria, the IB, CBI, RAW - all chose to keep quite & carry on catching & torturing Muslim youth. They need to all face criminal prosecution in the Court of Law.
Even though Malgoan Patil was staying at the SS Ponda Ashram for 4 years whilst carrying out a series of terror attacks, the Maharashtra ATS refuses to arrest Jayant Athawale, who is the main mastermind behind the terror attacks across the country. The Centre & State governments refuse to investigate the entire Sanatan Sanstha chain across the country, with their links abroad, as well as their financial dealings, especially their sources of foreign funding.
Apart from targeting the Diwali festivities in Margoa on October 16, 2009 – where the Goa CM was to visit – the SS terrorists were also planning to blow up the SHANTADURGA TEMPLE AT SANCOALE. We had also stated that the SS plans to target the VITHOBA PANDHARPUR MANDIR as well.
We stand by our analysis of the 13/2 Pune terror attack:
1) It was masterminded with the intent to target the Indo-Pak talks scheduled for 25/02/10.
2) To cover up the murder of Advocate Shaheed Shahid Azmi on 11/02/10, by members of the Chota Shakeel gang at the behest of certain officers within the Police, ATS & the IB.
3) The Israeli-Mossad angle was clear as they tried to create sympathy by harping on the myth of the Chabad House as a target.

4) Also the Jaipur 13/4 blast was a week prior to the Indo-Pak talks, and so is the case with the Ajmer Dargah attack as well.
Currently important foreign policy changes are underway. The PM continues to pursue the Indo-Pakistan peace process. He also is also pursing the relationship with Iran & is opposed to US sanctions. The Iran-Pakistan-India Gas pipeline is a distinct reality. The track with China is proceeding as well. This is to the detriment of the Israeli interests & that of US. The Foreign Minister Mr. SM Krishna made an unprecedented statement that the government was willing to trust Pakistan on terror. India is also active amongst the BRIC, IBSA, NAM & is seeking full membership of the SCO. Clearly India is again reaching out to the other emerging powers with full knowledge of the fact that the US-Israel-EU axis is on the decline & that a Multi-Polar World is emerging.
Chidambaram, supported by the RSS-BJP (clear on the Dantewada issue), as well as the Israeli Lobby, is attempting to destroy the Indo-Pakistan peace process. This was evident from the Madhuri Gupta tapes that were released prior to the Manmohan-Gilani talks, the racheting up of the media barrage on Afzal Guru & now the Abdul Samad case – which he obviously links to Pakistan.
Chidambaram has visions of being the next PM & is positioning himself for the same. He derives his power from the Corporates, the BJP-RSS as well as the Israeli Lobby.
We therefore demand that:
1) Mr. P. Chidambaram (Union Minister for Home) be forced to resign as he is clearly poses an internal & external threat to the security of our nation.
2) The role of the RSS-Sanatan Sanstha & the Abhinav Bharat be investigated across the country, the organizations be banned & their international financial & organizational terror links be probed.
3) That Mohan Bhagwat (RSS), Himani Savarkar (Abhinav Bharat) & Jayant Athawale (Sanatan Sanstha), should be immediately arrested.
4) Identify the anti-national, communal & Brahmanical casteist officers within the Intelligence-Security apparatus, namely the IB, RAW, NIA & the ATS - & investigate their role in fomenting, abetting & the subsequent coverup of the terror attacks.
5) Investigate the linkages between the security-intelligence agencies & the Underworld Mafia, namely the Chota Shakeel & the Chota Rajan Gangs as well as to Dawood Ibrahim.
6) Identify the political leader who made public the Madhuri Gupta tapes to target the talks between PM Dr. Manmohan Singh & PM Gilani, as well as the officials who are involved in the entrapment of Abdul Samad.

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