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Pune Blast and Aftermath: Political Analysis

By Winnie Thomas, Awami Bharat

1) The strategic timing & warnings
Awami Bharat has always stated the fact that every blast has its own political motive internationally and domestically since the day, India allied US- Israel patented, War on Terror. Strategic timing of blast exceeds all coincidence, raising the issue to a concrete political hypothesis. 13/2 Pune Blast was a deliberate attempt by outsider/ insiders to defile the following,
i) Indo- Pak talks.

· Twelve days left for talks, its 13 /2, 7.00pm and the bomb explodes in Koregaon Park,German Bakery, Pune. First statement released by foreign min. S.M. Krisns, “India will not agree to composite talks”, “Terrorism Is the Only Issue”, ‘motive established.’
· The primary reason behind the blast on 13 February 2010 was undoubtedly subverting the Indo-Pakistan dialogue that has been dismissed since 26/11, with the Foreign Secretaries to meet on the coming 25th. The implications of the blast limited the scope of talks to Terrorism, where, India bargained an upper hand while Baluchistan, Kashmir and Water dispute, where Pakistan alleging India of stealing water & building illegal dam, prioritized by Pakistan, went unheard.
· The reason Indian government agreed for talks is its susceptible nature to US who wants a strategic Indo- Pak peace for handling the losing battle in Afghanistan. America have realized the importance of regional power ie. Pak, to manage Afghanistan, which could be only achieved if temporary, resolve the Indo- Pak conflict and thus the American Mouth, Pakistan Basher ‘Times Of India’ , suddenly propagated Indo- Pak peace process ‘ Aman Ki Asha’.
· There have been two international conferences on Afghanistan, held in London and Istanbul (India Avoided/Uninvited respectively) in which Imperative policies to withdraw foreign troops from Afghanistan, has been formulated, leading to which Indo- Pak talks gained momentum. Sidelining India, exemplifies the need of west, to espouse Pakistan, threatening India’s scope for its vested business interest in major Afghanistan sectors. Strategically, Pune blast damaged the idea if Indo-Pak peace, sending a clear message to US & West of India’s needed share in Afghanistan.
· Unlike US & the West, Israel who is now criticized by major countries for its aggressive policies against Palestine & Iran wants India –Pak conflict continued, for its scope to be the epic centre of III world war.
· The Mumbai attacks of November 2008, took place during the visit of Pakistan's Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi, here to 'fast-track' the 5th round of the composite dialogue.” Even the Jaipur terror attacks of 13th May, 2006 occurred a week prior to the proposed Indo-Pakistan Foreign Ministerial talks. And many of these terror attacks have been established as handiwork of Hindu right wing group (news source)
· Also, consider the timing when Madhuri Gupta caught spying for Pakistan made headlines and the Indo- Pak SAARC talks in Bhutan on 30 April. When peace talks exist, violence persist.

ii) Cover-up of Advocate (Shaheed) Shahid Azmi’s murder on 11/2
· Advocate Shahid Azmi the courageous man who had the guts to singlehandedly manage the abhorrent political pressure and threats, while he served the innocent from being the victim of Politics of Terror, exposing the role of IB and RAW in an deliberate attempt to marginalize Muslim community was assassinated on 11/ 2, two days prior to Pune blast.
· Amongst the many high profile cases that he was dealing were the, 'Mumbai July 11, 2006 Train Terror', Ahmadabad, Ghatkoper, Malegaon, as well as the '26/11 Mumbai' attacks as well. Shahid was to argue the final debate on Fahim Ansaris case, the 7/11 accused.
· He was involved in exposing the fabricated police version of false detention in courts threatening the Police- Intelligence- Mafia nexus.
· He had been clearly marked out & was receiving death threats on a regular basis. He had even notified the Police Commissioner but to no avail. The Police were well aware of the threats to his life & they are not denying this fact.
· India’s Chitpawan &Konknasta Brahmins who has collided with Israel and has an agenda of Hindu Rashtra by 2018 felt un-tenable, when Shahid obstinately investigated & attempted to exposed the Rightwing- Police- Israel- IB nexus. Awami Bharat had initiated exposing the same nexus Shahid was up to.
· Ajit Sahi, Veteran journalist (TEHELKA), calls Shahid Azmi a martyr, states; if anyone benefits from Shahid Azmis murder is the IB, RAW & government itself.
· Surprisingly the Shahid Azmis murder made headlines and front page directly arising the need to cover-up the issue.
· Pune blast sidelined Shahid’s murder, vindicating real culprit, diverting the political pressure to investigate truth. Shahid was, assassinated in reference of Pune blast, the same political game implicated during 26/11 killing Kharkhare, Salaskar & Kamte.
· Shahid Azmi's assassination is also a signal to all those who are questioning the "26/11 Mumbai False Flag Terror Attack

iii) Prior warnings went unheeded/ignored.
· It’s no secret that the Indian intelligence had warned the government of attack in Pune, Koregaon Park which was accepted by the media, and all major political parties, but the state refuses the claim.
· In Pune, police on October 9, 2009, sent advisories to various establishments, including the German Bakery and its manager Praveen Pant even acknowledged receipt of the police's letter. However, the German Bakery and some other establishments did not pay heed to the warning. Again, in December 2009, the same advisory was reiterated.The Minister, who was responding to a supplementary question in the Lok Sabha on the Pune blast, said: “Despite the intelligence shared, despite the advisories issued, the Pune blast occurred. It is a blot. I regard that as a blot on our record.”The Centre monitors and reviews the internal security situation on a continuous basis. “Intelligence inputs are regularly shared with State governments and Union Territories and wherever necessary, advisories are also issued.” ( THE HINDU )
· Also, a German lady who called 100( police), citing an unclaimed bag in German Bakery only two days prior to blast was avoided by police. This negligence seems deliberate considering the warnings/ advisories sent to German Bakery in Oct. and Dec. 2009.
· An article in Asian Age (16th Feb. 2010) states German Bakery Blast was planned four to five months ago as said by Mohamed Amjad, alias Khwaja to the RAW. Khawaja also revealed about a former Pak army officer who showed them the photographs of German Bakery & Osho Ashram. There wasn’t any reference of Chabad House.
· Asian Age article also states; Intelligence sources said, the information from Khawaja, was shared with the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and the Maharashtra Govt. well before terrorists carried out the Pune attack.
· Interestingly, on 14 Feb 2010, home secretary G.K Pillai confirms, Headley stayed close to Chabad House and Osho Ashram while in Pune, a finding that he said has lead the Centre to issue an advisory to the Maharashtra police and Pune police on October 12, 2009 . (Times Of India)
(Satyapal Singh was aware of possible terror strike )
· The CIA- HEADLEY saga is visible as mentioned above & Awami Bharat with meticulous research has always considered Headley under CIA’s garb, who masterminded various blast in India on CIA’s behest. Incidentally, David Headley was involved in all those blast where Right wing terror network was uncovered, which includes, Malegaon, Jaipur, Hyderabad, Shamjauta, Mecca Masjid, Ahmedabad but still the intelligence didn’t suspect Abhinav Bharat & Sanathan who has a strong base in Pune.
· In spite of such solid evidences of terrorist attack, the barricade near German Bakery was, removed 10 days prior to the incident and within two hours of the blast, the fire brigade destroyed all the evidence.

2) The location

The location selected for the blast had multiple advantages if considered the international US- Israel strategy and the scare created by the media.

i) European Myth
· Propaganda haul by media lead us to believe the target of blast was European and Chabad House, whereas neither European nor Jews died. The once who died was our own Indians and Asians.
· German Bakery is known to be a spot of Iranians & Asians not Europeans.
· Koregaon Park is not a tourist destination with beach, boat, bikini, or scenery. The only reason for Koregaon, being a foreign destination is the Osho Ashram located near German Bakery.
· The Pune Blast took place at 7.00 pm, the time when all foreigners enter the Osho Ashram for meditation. If Europeans were the target then why the so-called intelligent IM & Headley planned the attack in odd hour killing Indians and Asians? Now shall we call it as a coincidence or planned incidence?

ii) Chabad House Theory
· Chabad House/ Jewish prayer house was the prime target set by terrorist, as said by the Pro- Israeli Indian media and the government.
· Those who have seen Pune Chabad house, would conclude the Media- Govt. theory of failed attack on Jewish house as gibberish and dissent any such logics.
· To the Left of Chabad house is an empty KHANDAR from where attack would have been a child’s play, whereas in right of Chabad house similar KHANDAR exists. Then why the terrorist select such a complex planning oriented destination of attack ie. German Bakery? Who would still believe the Police- Media- Govt. theory of failed attack on Chabad house?
· Current awareness of defiled Israeli politics, the decades long genocide of the Palestinian population and the International criticisms Israel face today, SYMPATHY IS WHAT THEY NEED.
· Zionist Israel is up-to, creating a worldwide sympathy by misguiding masses, corrupting media and govt. of various countries, for the public support they need.
· Attack on Jews by Muslims automatically repudiates the truth, turning the tables, portraying Islam as a global enemy, where victim countries like Palestine are framed villains.

iii) Marginalization Of Community
· What followed the blast was strident- unconstitutional police behavior, deliberately victimizing Muslim community.
· Every day approximately Twenty Muslim youth for different parts of Pune, was, detained in the name of terrorist suspects. Hardly any time did the police have arrest warrant.
· Muslim name or grown bared would be many time the criteria of the arrest. Eg. Police sources named ‘Wasim’ and then the police detains and harassed every single Wasim in search operation.
· Children’s were even illegally detained and kept under police custody, harassed using abusive words. In many instances, parents were abused, whereas some parents were never informed about their child’s arrest. Police would enter a Muslim house any time in the night harass parents and try to defame them in the society.
· Many innocent youths were termed as Pakistani and tried to create false evidence.
· In many instances, a mob of Fifty to Sixty police with two-three wan would enter a society, harassing innocent Muslim whereas auto drivers, bikers, pedestrian, etc would be stopped-held, if he had a beard or had a Muslim name.
· Many Muslim youths were, silently detained at night, taken to an unknown location, generally a Jungle or a Farmhouse, with his eyes tied, changing different police & private wan.
· When questioned to Pune Police Commissioner, Satyapal Singh about such unconstitutional incidents, he says, “I don’t know about such things taking place”. Satyapal Singh was Commissioner of Police when the infamous KHAIRLANGI took place.
· In addition, majority of shops near German Bakery, all owned by Kashimri Muslims for more than Twenty Years, were demolished. These shops were built under the building compound with NOC given by the society.
· These shops paid Tax, Electricity bills, Telephone bills as per the laws, but suddenly after the blast, the corporation issued notice, terming the shops to be illegal, leading to demolition. The same situation, of illegal demolition was faced by Kashmiri shop owners, 4 to 500 meters away from German Bakery.
· A clear attempt of Islamophobia was preached by the Police and Pune Corporation, whose attempt to solve the Pune Blast remain unsuccessful but the order to mislead and marginalize a community was beautifully performed.

3) Chasing criminals

Awami Bharat’s investigation following pune blast leads us to conclude: The Criminals were decided prior to Pune blast.
i) Biased Media Judgment
· Within minutes of the blast, media suspects IM terrorist, for masterminding the attack whereas, police after Two months is still clueless.
· Within two months media confirms IM for masterminding the attack, but Police still today have not revealed any conspirators of attack.
· Soon after Pune blast, explosives which contained ammonium nitrate, gelatin sticks & detonator were seized in Vapi ( Gujarat ), Indore, Limdi, Surendranagar district …… the same material said to be used in Pune blast, but all such news had corner place in newspapers only because the detained carried Hindu names.
· Media also hyped Pune blast as the first terror attack after 26/11, sidelining the Goa Blast (DATE ) which had Abhinav Bharat mind.
· With no solid evidence or hypothesis, the media tried to copy- paste the information provided to them by their so-called ‘sources’. IM is an artificial child of Indian Intelligence Beau raw compiled by few, low profile gangsters like Batkal brothers. Medias source, speaks similar words like, Intelligence Beauraw theories, while commissioners like Satyapal Singh, Raghuwanshi & Rakesh Maria never addressed press conference blaming IM or SIMI or SIMI International or Mujahidin Islam Muslim Front or al- alami or IM Kashmir, all claiming the attack.
· Media states handpicked IM of having strong base in Pune. Interestingly, Abhinav Bharat – Sanathan Sanstha from decades, have been rooted in Pune, with their headquarters in the city. Pune blast hold the same pattern of Rightwing terror (below point iii) but media hardly suspected their role, as their ‘sources’ said the IB’s logic.
· Hardly any media heard the plight of innocent youth, children’s and their parents when detained, defamed, and harassed in the name of terrorist. Hardly any journalist listened, to the crying of Kashmiri shop owners, when their shops were illegally demolished. Hardly any news was reported, when thousands joined the rally conducted by BBA, against victimization. Pune incident would portray media as Police Bulletin.
· Pune Blast sidelined Telingana issue, Ram Pradhan Report Discussion, Price Rise and Shard Pawar who then was in headlines for lobbying with private, leading price rise.
· Majority of India’s news sources, have lost their will to investigate, find truth and write fearlessly, from the date, they being termed as Corporate Media.
· Finally, media never asked the Question, “Who Benefitted From the Blast”.

ii) Biased Police Investigation
· The scope of investigation was shattered within two hours of Blast when the fire brigade pumped in water destroying major evidences. German Bakery was, issued warnings by police, two times as stated in Point 1) iii), also the RAW stated that German Bakery photo was, shown to the arrested terrorist Khawaja. Then what made the Police & Fire Brigade think, it was a cylinder blast? Hadn’t in two hours the agencies found the difference between cylinder and bomb blast? Were the fire brigade and police so inexperienced? It’s a matter of investigation.
· While police still clueless the media charged Indian Mujahidin and for no particular reason investigators started hunting all kind of Muslims day and night. When the name ‘Wasim’, was, made known to police by their source, more than 100 Wasim’s were, detained harassed and defamed. A maulana, who was in pune for job belonging to Batkal, was, caught and termed Pakistani. Later he was, released for lack of evidence.
· In one such instance, indistinct image of former ATS chief Raghuvanshi, was suspected, when we came to know that the terrorist arrested for failed ONGC plot was framed in a rape case by a Jain girl’s father six months prior to his arrested for being a terrorist who was trained in Pakistan. In majority instances, a person having petty criminal case is, framed as terrorist. Hence, the status of investigation lead by then Raghuvanshi had intrinsic feature of biasness.
· Police directed their investigation in a way, as if Muslims were the real cause of attack not IM as said by the media.
· In spite of the mounting evidences and logics of Rightwing & Israel’s role in Pune Blast as mentioned in point 3) iii), no concrete actions were taken nor any investigation took place.
· Pune Police Commissioner, Satyapal Singh started, ‘Operation Mritunjay’ in which college youths would spy, to counter terrorist threats. ‘Mriyunjay’ was another attempt to turn local youths against Muslims.

We welcomed governments decision to debar Raghuvanshi as ATS chief, placing Rakesh Maria who we expect to be much expedient in solving the Pune Blast. Today he too seems to follow Raghuvanshi lines.

iii) Rightwing Role neglected
· The pune blast as stated in Point 1 (i), was of international importance to Israel and India’s business interest, than for US, also stating Israel’s disagreement to the US policy of “Aman KI Asha”. Hence, Pune blast as an international issue was the need of Israel.
· Israel has recognized India’s rightwing for its racist ideas and similar agenda, openly calming to provide their cadres military training, helping them achieve the goal of Hindu Rashtra. Also, mark India’s intelligence attachment through officers like Unnikrishnan & Robin Singh who were caught spying for Israel, later protected to safe havens. Interestingly, Nitin Gadkari, was awarded BJP’s national president ship after visiting Israel, days before 26/11. Even the communal RSS think tank, Forum for Integrated National Security (FINS) is headed by former military intelligence chief Lt Gen DB Shekatkar, marked with prominent members like, former Intelligence Beauraw chief AK Daval & RAW chief AK Dullat. Moreover, the fact of the Rightwing Abhinav Bharat-Mossad links is recorded within the charge sheets that were filed as per the investigations of Shri Hemant Karkare.
· Naturally, who would then prove conducive to Israeli’s, when Pune Blast makes it to International news hiding Israeli’s crime? No doubt, the Rightwing, who has the sophistication to do so, Pune being their hub.
· Sources in Koregaon Park, Pune reveal: A Osho’s foreigner Sishya, was caught making Pipe Bomb which accidently exploded (Rightwing always blamed Osho as enemy of Hindutva). Remember what happened in Nandeed ? The same style accident, which lead to reveal the secret Pipe Bomb making chamber, also seizing false beard and skull caps. Further analysis on history of pipe bomb reveals the following fact,
Hyderabad, Mecca Masjid blast was a pipe bomb act, Mohammadiya Masjid in Parbhani (November 2003), at the Quadriya Masjid in Jalna (August 2004) and at the Meraj-ul-Uloom Madrassa/Masjid in Purna in Parbhani district (August 2004) was a pipe bomb act. 10th May 2008, a blast rocked a magistrate court in Hubli, Karnataka, was a Pipe Bomb act, later when searched the accused Nagaraj Jambagi house ( member of Sri Ram Sena) police discovered Pipe Bombs. ADG Haryana, V N Rai who was heading the Samjhauta blast probe, said their probe status stands at Indore, the accused had purchased Pipe Bomb shells from Indore market, the two accused were also from Indore. Remember the explosive seized in Indore after Pune Blast, which never made news? On January 24, 2008, bomb blast occurs at the RSS office at Tenkasi, Tamil Nadu. Investigators arrest eight persons belonging to various sangh parivar outfits. The police say that 14 pipe bombs were assembled and the operation commenced in July 2007. Tehelka’s Sting operation, also lead to an accuse accepting of having Crude and Pipe Bomb factory.
· A Malegeon suspect Rakesh Dhawade, named CBI, two Pune’s Wadia college professors, Dr. Sharad Kunte, City VHP head & K.Deo of training Hindutva Terror suspects of making Pipe Bombs. Has this investigation turned murky? Wadia College lies twenty min. walking from German Bakery. The same prof. is said to have trained Nagaraj Jambaji, who planned Hubli blast & whose traces are to be found in Mecca Masjid and Malegaon Blast.
· Sarang Kulkarni, suspected for alleged role in Goa blast was been seen several times in Shivaji Nagar, Pune, prior to Pune Blast, is now missing. Kulkarni is suspected to have transported the chemicals and ammunition for making the Goa bomb.

· The Pune terror pattern is similar to the Abhinav Bharat agendas & operations of the recent past. Immediately after the blast, the IBN-LOKMAT channel mentioned that the pattern appears similar to the Malegaon attacks & it appears that a cycle was used. Later on, we were told that a bag with deadly bombs was found in an auto-rickshaw that was to have targeted the Chabad Lubavitch House nearby. Cycled, Scooters or Auto-Rickshaws; they are all part of the pattern that match an Abhinav Bharat operation. The fact that Ammonium Nitrate mixed with RDX & nails is a Abhinav Bharat finger print.
· The investigators are still clueless about the 500 clandestine military activists, trained by Lt Col Shrikant Prasad Purohit in Bhonsle military school and Goa hideouts.
· A tailor from the shopping complex around the graveyard had picked up a corpse without torso with a false beard. It simply disappeared. ( News Source)
· Traces of RDX that Purohit stole form the army stock were, found in the house of Sudhakar Chaturvedi in Matunga, Pune. (RDX used in Pune blast) (News Sources)
Analyzing Pune Blast leaves plethora of evidences and logics to prove Rightwing hand, locally & internationally, but like always, vindication of very terrorist seems to be the end.

4) Benefit Of Blast
· As if Indian intelligence is rhetoric in blaming Pakistan for every single attack, Pakistan, who notices two blasts every week, has the same song for India. Pune blast indicted Pakistan, listening Indian saga. In Concise: India had an upper hand. ( Point 1) i) )
· The Pune blast was the need of Israel and its Indian soldier Rightwing, who is considered to be against the Indo- Pak peace process for its strategic long-term goal. ( Point 1) i), 2) ii) & 3) iii) )
· Pune blast was a direct message of disagreement to London & Istanbul conference, which jeopardized Indian business interest in Afghanistan. ( Point 1) i) )
· Interestingly, Sharad Pawar made headlines for lobbying with sugar giants & price rice. Eventually, he was, sidelined, following Pune blast.
· Telingana got sidelined and most importantly Ram Pradhan report was finally discussed on 23rd amidst pune blast chaos.
· Finally whoever benefits from Shahid Azmis murder has definite role in 13/2 Pune blast. ( 1) ii) )

5) Awami Bharat Empowerment programme

i) Mass Public Meeting & Rally In the aftermath of the Pune 13/2 terror attack on the German Bakery, the people of this city as well as the rest of our country have begun to ask questions & seek answers from the State, the police apparatus as well as the Corporate Media.Despite the fact that Pune is the HQ of the Abhinav Bharat terror organization, the media has barely given it the attention that is due. In fact every newspaper has continued to issue reports from 'sources' even though the police & the Intelligence agencies have not yet given their assessment of the terror attack. Thus a climate of Islamophobia is being systematically created & a number of ordinary Muslim youth are being called for interrogation. It is as if no other community is suspect in the entire matter, even though the role of Abhinav Bharat has found mention even by the security apparatus.It was in this climate of fear & communalization that the Bharat Bachao Andolan decided to intervene, critically analyze the politics of the Pune attacks, it's likely perpetrators & beneficiaries.After a series of meetings with the representatives of social organizations & political parties we thus arrived at the studied conclusion that the Pune terror attacks were orchestrated to scuttle the Indo-Pak talks, cover- up Shahid’s murder & the benefit that would accrue to Israel in context of the Chabad House.
BBA fearlessly conducted more than 200 corner meetings in localities mostly affected by police brutalities & victimization. Thus on the day of the Death Anniversary of Sambhaji Maharaj, we organized a mass rally, which will finally culminate in a public meeting which will be attended by more than 5000 people.The major theme of the rally & the public meeting focus on exposing the politics of terror.

ii) Delegation to Commissioner Office
The leadership & the constituents of the Bharat Bachao Andolan a delegation led by Brigadier Sudhir Sawant decided to meet the Police Commissioner of Pune, Shri Satyapal Singh, questioning the injustice & malpractices following Pune Blast and charging him for the biased investigation.
Satyapal Singh agreed to the view held by BBA and assured that investigations will be done without any bias to any community.
We will not allow any innocent person to be harassed, but also volunteered to help the police in any way to maintain peace. . We thus appealed to the authorities to stop the persecution of innocent Indians and end the reign of terror.
On DATE DAY the BBA ( Pune Delegations) constituting various secular parties & organizations held a mass public meeting attended by 4000 to 5000 punekars, protesting the undue detainment and harassment by the Pune police also voicing against the biased investigation of security agencies. The constituents of the BBA were, deluged by complaints by the families of numerous Muslim Youth, who then fearlessly voiced their disagreement, demanding justice, sending a strong message of cast-culture unity, to the communal forces who failed to suppress the BBA movement.

iii) We Demand1) We demand a National Judicial Commission of Inquiry to investigate the Pune 13/2 terror attack.2) We demand a special judicial investigation into the murder of Shaheed Adv. Shahid Azmi.3) We demand that the role of Abhinav Bharat, Sanatan Sanstha & especially Himani Savarkar be investigated with all due seriousness.4) The Brahmanical & communal elements within the Intelligence Bureau, the RAW & the Police-Security apparatus be identified & be made to resign.5) The Government of India should end all relations with Apartheid Facist Israel & we call upon the government to Boycott Israel.6) The GOI should also counter the American Imperial policies & wars of occupation.7) We also support the Indo-Pak dialogue. The Imperial powers are attempting to create a war-like situation across the region & the people of India & Pakistan need to be vigilant.8) We also demand anational judicial commission to investigate the Mumbai 26/11 terror attacks as well as the assassination of Shaheed Hemant Karkare.
9) We demanded that Commissioner Satyapal Singh be made to resign as he is communally biased & was harassing innocent Muslim youth. He also seems clearly linked to Brahmanical organizations & that needs to be made part of the inquiry instituted. Awami Bharat’s demand/ pressure to debar ATS chief Mr.Raghvanshi for his false flag ONGC arrest lead to Mr. Rakesh Maria on the seats, but he also seems to playing similar cards.

The day BBA’s mass public meet & protest started illegal detention of innocent came to an end.


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Media is fourth pillar of democracy, i would rather said Media Is puppet of few Brahmins and zionist to impliment theri agenda by making General Public opinion that Terrorist = Muslim...

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