Sunday, May 23, 2010


BC, AD & WTC, the new age has begun, post WTC or 9/11, the age of terrorism, where, suddenly the sleeping terrorist & media reviewed their policy as if they co-ordinate for a common goal, to ‘Create an Industry’ for their leader.
Naturally the self-proclaimed leader has the patent right to fight the global enemy, later distributing the patenting rights to the leader’s client.
Today when few giant firms lost their patented global enemy called ‘communism’, terrorism emerged as a savior and the self proclaimed leaders hurried to patent, later distributing its rights to its clients.
Modern terrorism has an American- Israeli patent, government being the agent of distribution and India the client state. The client distributes the terror domestically consulting the owner, exemplifying the business strategy of misleading advertisement of terror.
To manage this billion dollar patent, Intelligence is created, who then, in the name of better customer service helps the terror company grow big making it capable to have more client, until every single company/country decides their role as a supporter or oppose.
Then the war begins, Good vs. Bad, Evil vs. God or Christ vs. Anti- Christ where peace becomes anti- national & patriotism is the only option to survive. The leader’s patent industry loses its scope when the good wins the battle. However, until then, money gets accumulated & all needs help, whether good or bad. Finally the same owners distributes/ loans their wealth with an unsaid condition……with a new global enemy, with a new industry. Countries power may shift but the royal families are the same, patent owners are the same.
By Winnie Thomas

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